I seriously hope that they fix Cody's super someday


So god damn dumb how often it drops people, especially considering you can’t use it as a chip tool either because there are 3 hits in the middle that whiff on standing or crouching opponents and ONLY hit airborne. Plus it doesn’t break armor :frowning:

I’m not too bothered by it, I only combo into it from CU if I ever want to kill with it, and if I’m going for anti air damage I’d rather spend it on hk ruffian fadc combos. It shouldn’t be like that though, I remember when 2012 dropped and I started testing bad spray xx super and most characters just fall out of it… so whats the point '-_-.
Honestly I’d rather have a decent backdash or exCU invincible untill it hits coughjustincasecapcomslisteningcough.

Or both.