[Howto] Streaming quality FG videos on JustinTv w/ cheap hardware

you know why do you go through all that trouble to try to capture 60fps when the most the easycap can preview/record at is 30?

Using LAPTOP’s to stream period is a bad idea, I’d take a mini tower throw in a motherboard with 3.2GHZ 4GB Ram, and some sort of RadeonHD Card, Probably The EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB Cache, then use a VGA Box to run ST in 1080P Still but run it through regular RGB cords to the easycap personally i wouldn’t USE easycap but that’d be the idol setup for any stream excluding media cards(i.e hauppage cards etc), Your only worry would be tempatures but there’s some easy solutions for that you just have to really squeeze your hands in there and if you have big gorrila hand’s its hard to use mini cases but if your that worried about tempatures you can use a regular size case but id get a desktop cast with a handle you can buy carry cases now they have a handle at the top haha, But id use a ATX Mini Tower or something.


And yes its possible to build a cool and hefty setup in a small case, Your major problem is cooling and fitting the video card with the cooling this guy did it really well, So you just have to research it a little


I forgot to explain why I picked SCFH DSF instead of VHScrCap, which I’ve been using a lot for 3 months btw. SCFH DSF looks lighter on the CPU and more efficient than VHScrCap, I had huge framerate drops when using the latter because my CPU was throttled (? hope it’s the right word). It’s easier to use though, I agree, but definitely less efficient.

It actually records a 25 fps interlaced video wihch can be converted to 50 fps progressive video, that’s why I’m using the bob doubler filter.

Oh and Sarda, go for it if you want to translate this, we’re here to share knowledge :slight_smile:

I’m looking at a raw file i converted using the bob doubler and checking frames its just every frame repeated twice, not exactly 60fps.

Threi is right, I wouldn’t use easycap, It’s just bad.

Id go with something like HD PVR, If you’re a penny pincher, I guess its okay for what its going to cost you

Ok, just a small update to this thread before it sinks again (I know this ain’t the most appropriated forum for this) but I actually switched back to a 30 fps output in Justintv in order to get the most bitrate per frame quality. Of course I made sure to get the best 60 -> 30 fps convertion.
So here’s a comparison between JustinTV and Youtube both @ 29.97 fps :

JustinTV version

The problem with 60 fps (which I didn’t get properly btw as it was indeed a 50 fps video fed into a FMLE configured to capture 60fps -it’s fixed now as I’m capturing in NTSC_433 which is 60hz-) is that it’s extremely bitrate consuming hence the stream was buffering a bit too much to my taste. Guess I’ll stick to 30 for now but why not using 60 when the internet has gotten better overall :slight_smile:

Thanks for the write up on this. I think that 60fps video is awesome. I think that more people should try doing things like this to push faster broadband service. A friend and I used the AverTV HD DVR card to get this frame rate. Of course the major issue wasn’t so much that we couldn’t upload to uStream fast enough, but that others could not see it since their connection was not good enough, or they did not have a quality computer running Google Chrome. Check out the past recordings ? ? ? ? ÐÐ ? ? _ Ð ? ? ?? ? ? on USTREAM: VF + FPS. particularly the early VF stuff.

I’m trying to attempt what you are doing now, but having a really hard time as some steps in that tutorial do not seem to work for me. It seems that no matter what I do to try to set the screen cap program from Japan, I can’t get it to show the actual preview screen. I test using both vlc and MPC-Hc. I’ve used both VirtualDub and DScaler and still can’t get them to be capped by that Japanese app. It shows nothing but black.

I’d rather use something that just runs a filter like AviSynth, but I don’t see anything on how to use it on devices instead of just files. DScaler doesn’t seem to like my API-550 but loves the Aver HD DVR. I can’t get either to work with that Japanese Screen Capture app or VHScrCap. Tried on both Win 7 32bit and 64bit.

Any help or advice would be great.

Awesome quality for these VF videos mate :slight_smile:

Well I’ve had many issues with SCHFDSF but not the one you’re describing, assuming you’re on Windows Vista/Seven, everytime SCHFDSF is correctly launched and actually capturing your desktop your Windows should switch to “basic Aero” style like so :

I guess that’s the best indicator to know whether the software is actually working/capturing, like I said its very tricky on anything > Windows XP (oh and I still havent gotten around the problem of X and Y coordinates settings not working on Vista/Seven)

Maybe your problem has something to do with bad video drivers ? Try to change the resolution/parameters of your desktop in the video settings (because thats what your supposed to capture in the end… your desktop). Did you install the 2008 Visual c++ runtimes ? (Well I guess so but…)

Oh maybe the DirectDraw filter (scfh.ax) was incorrectly registered, try to run again that *install.bat *provided with SCFH DSF, it should display “DllRegisterServer in scfh.ax succeeded” after double clicking that file.

EDIT : just googled it, it looks like you can manually register the filter in MPC : http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/323104-Intensity-Shuttle-Problem?p=2018363&viewfull=1#post2018363

You can definitely fiddle with realtime Avisynth filters in MPC, check here, but I wont elaborate further as it’s getting a bit complicated (and thats what keep people away I’m aware of that).

Thanks for the advice.

I think that I figured what was wrong on some things I was doing, or rather what was not showing after seeing undesired results. It turns out that my system is slowing down the post filtering preview process. I can cap with those settings and it will turn out smooth at 60fps, but actually getting the preview to look like that was not happening.

When I told SCFH DSF to capture some stupid small window the preview sped up to normal speed. What I need to know at this point is what kind of PC are you running specs and amount of background processes, as well as any extra or missing applications you are running.

I’m running at core i7 920 OC’d to 3.2GHz with Win7 x86, and 12GB of RAM (3.2 for windows, the other ~9GB running a RAM disk,) but running about 80-90 processes. I have VHCapture 1.4.6 suite installed, along with SCFH DSF. I know it has to be software since I don’t know many people that have the kind of hardware I do. I also have the rest of the above software that you list.

Cap devices available:
Pyro A/V Link API-550
EasyCAP (Really want this to work)
AVerTV HD DVR (Best card for the money. Went up in price since purchased, but still worth it.)

Hey guys has anyone encountered the problem of the Easycap only displaying in Black and White? I tried to change the settings to NTSC 443 but it doesnt exist anywhere. Can anyone please help me?

I think I got a fake one and that’s why it doesn’t have color or the ability to switch to NTSC443. Might get a Diamond VC500.