How's the Japan scene in regards to Third Strike

I heard from some buddies that the Japanese players aren’t taking SF4 seriously and are still playing Third Strike and CvS2.

Is there any truth to this?

They take SF4 serious, but Japan is 3S Mecca.

the japanese are smart

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3s will still be popular probably.
like gootecks once said, you learn new shit about 3s all the time, plus theres only like a few people that can push low tiers to their limit in tourneys,look at dagger_g vs ohnuki,yamazaki,or kuroda, so we haven’t seen it all.

Third Strike is no longer on Arcadia’s Top 10 list of frequently-played games. But the ironic thing is that SFIV is number 6 on the list. So it’s not like Japan is completely shifting to SFIV.

That’s interesting. What is the Arcadia’s top played fighting game? CvS2?

No, I think that game dropped out of the list a long time ago.

Right now number one is Tekken 6, number two is a Gundam game, and number three is Melty Blood. Top two are both Namco games, lol.

those crazy japanese, anime girl and giant robot games win every time

im pretty sure 3s is still FIRAAA over there

those who said 3s is gonna die cuz of sf4 are wrong, especially cuz they said DIE

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I think someone who is in Japan should answer this question.

Let alone someone who plays SFIV and 3s.

For Kuroda it’s not even a character thing, he’s just really fucking good at 3s ^_________^;;

LOL x2 @ his name (if you know where it comes from).


You might be right, but I was thinking more along the lines of the typo in Third Strike. It’s when you are playing against the computer and you have to select between your opponent. Twelve’s name appears as Tweleve.

Ya. It was never a thing for me to “try to make Twelve a good character”, I’m just good with him anyway ^________^;;

But uh, I’ve played enough 3S to comfortably use any character at any time. Alex and Hugo being my go-to guys if I’m having a bad day with Twelve.