How to be legit

Hey guys,

 So I've been reading SRK for nearly 10 years now.  I love this community and of course love video games (and get salty about fighting games).  I finally decided to do something I'm passionate about and make a mobile app related to video games.  I want to share this with the gaming community, garner your feedback, and of course spread the word.  But I don't want to come off as SPAM or disingenuous- which is very hard to do when you're trying to promote something you've worked on.  We're close to release now so I'm trying to get some pre-registration, solicit feedback, reward anybody willing to spread the word- anything I can do to do it the right way.  I submit the specific information below.  I welcome any feedback/suggestions/comments. 

My frustrations with the ability to find a categorized, concise list for video game videos lead me to build GamerFeats. My app is (hopefully) building an awesome tool for gamers to easily find, submit, and rank videos of the best players, top plays, tips/tricks, walkthroughs, etc for any particular game. Basically a more detailed and highly filterable youtube specifically for video games with better community rewards. Check out to see what we’re all about and register to be notified upon release and earn an exclusive in-app “Founding Member” trophy.

Launch date is slated for End of Q4 2013 for iOS, with Android coming Q1 2014, then finally a full website following that- it will be a Free application. We are still finalizing design and feature implementation so we are highly open to hear what gamers would want in it. Please post any suggestions you may have here. Below are some features in the app:

-“GamerFeats” are top plays, amazing head shots, funniest moments etc for any video game.

-Users can submit videos for a game and if it’s ranked high enough they will be rewarded with a GamerFeats trophy

-3 Major categories will be available (Feats, Tips/Tricks, Walkthroughs).

-Within Major categories you can add additional preset tags (easter egg, cheat, glitch, funny, etc), everything will be filterable/searchable

-Users can Rank up and earn more trophies by being active community members (Ranking videos, comments, submitting videos, etc)

-Higher ranked members have greater effect on ranking videos and their personal videos are easier to spot.

Thanks for any input you provide!

How legit must I be before I’m unable to quit?

So… This story going somewhere?

@Matriarch Beat me to it.

Apparently “2” legit…so…legit squared…I think.