How so hook SFAE stick up to pc

I have a Street Fighter Anniversary Edition stick and I want to use it on my computer. I bought a smartjoy x2 (xbox to usb) converter, but it isn’t recognizing the stick. I also tried using the smartjoy x2 with usb-to-keyboard and usb-to-mouse adapters, but the stick still wasn’t recognized.

Does anyone know a sure way to hook a SFAE stick up to a pc? thanks

Ah yeah, I have a similar setup. Is it just the stick that isn’t being recognised? Do the buttons work?

If the buttons are working and the stick isn’t, trying remapping the 4 directions on the stick to “buttons” within the control panel (My Computer=>Control Panel=>Game controllers). Some software simply won’t recognise your directions as +X/+Y/-X/-Y or whatever, whereas some programs will. Generally if you remap the directions to button 12/13/14/15 or whatever, it should work fine, as long as you don’t map the directions to the same button numbers as your LP/MP/HP/LK/MK/HK.

So the 1st step is to install the XBCD file, then go to game controllers in the control panel, make sure the device type is joystick. Check the dpad graphic, you can click on each direction with the mouse to remap it to a new button. The default setting for the dpad directions will be “axises” but as I say, some programs don’t recognise the axises. Then you just click apply, exit out of there and try remapping your joystick in whatever game you’re playing.

use playstation adapter from radioshack…

The buttons and the stick aren’t being recognized. It’s also not being recognized in the control panel or in the xbcd software.:sweat:
Any idea what’s wrong? thanks for your help so far

Hmm… try using a normal xbox controller first. XBCD should recognise controller S and arcade sticks, so if a normal controller will work, then maybe the problem is to do with that specific stick. If the normal controller doesn’t work, then it’s something else.

And what operating system are you using?

It’s not a particularly helpful suggestion, but you could install a 360 controller inside of the stick, which would allow you to use it with both Xbox 360 and PC.
I’ve also developed a mod for retaining the original Xbox/PS2 functionality, but it involves building a circuit board to negotiate the different electrical systems.

I’m using WinXP Pro SP1.
Sadly, I don’t have an xbox controller, just an xbox360 controller.

@EastX:Would it be difficult to put the x360 controller in the stick?

Celsius, it’s time consuming, but not particularly difficult.

You’ll need a soldering iron, and you’ll have to learn to solder. It’s actually not very hard at all, and you can get an iron for about $8 at Radio Shack.

You’ll have to kill (gut) the 360 pad, unless you want to install connectors on both devices, which is a huge amount of trouble.

Unscrew the original joystick’s PCB. If you have no further use for it, please mail it to me. :slight_smile: Pull all of its wires off the buttons; they will remove easily because they use quick disconnects.

Prepping the 360 pad is the most time consuming part. You must:

1- desolder the triggers from the board (without damaging the board!), and then add 2 10K resistors to the triggers’ bottom 2 contact points. Do not remove the analog sticks! (but the part you touch when playing comes right off and that’s fine).

2-Scrape the vias for the Start and Guide buttons on the back of the 360 pad PCB
so that you can solder wires to them. Use an X-acto knife and be very careful!

3-Finally, solder 2 wires per button onto the 360 pad (you’ll need a good diagram to do this), then solder the other ends of the wires to the joystick’s buttons. Luckily, it doesn’t matter which wires per 260 PCB button go to which connector on the actual button. In other words, once you’ve soldered both wires that A needs onto the 360 pad, those 2 wires can connect to either of the stick’s A button’s connectors.

If you don’t add any extra buttons to the joystick, you’ll need to leave out the Back button and use the Guide button there instead. You can easily add holes for new buttons on the side of the unit using a 1 1/8 drill bit (the kind for making holes, costs $5-12). Drill from the outside; make sure the stick is empty of all components while drilling to avoid getting them dirty.

To keep your headset working, I suggest getting a headset jack extension cable and running it out through the hole where the Xbox communicator jack is currently located.

When you’ve got it tested and working, just hot glue the 360 pad in where ya want it. Only glue around the edges of the pad.

That’s a basic overview… Except for the locations that the 360 pad’s wires go, it contains all the info most people would need. Please let me know if you’d like additional info… I’ll draw up a very nice wire map for you if ya send me the old PCB. :slight_smile:

I think the problem’s my smartjoy x2. I’m tired of buying converters, so I’m just going to mod the sitck with happ buttons, custom artwork, and mod it to be a dc arcade stick so I can play 3rd Strike.

You’re gonna have to find a normal xbox controller from somewhere, to figure out if the stick just isn’t compatible, or if there is something wrong with the smart joy x2.

That’s all I can think of at this point, sorry man =P