How is dash partitioning done? Not in theory but the actual buttons please

I know how to charge buffer and I think even charge partition a little. Like with Remy I can machine gun out the projectiles and I can also do like 2 followed be a projectile or flashkick whatever.

What I want to know is the actual movement for dash partitioning.

Like what buttons do you press?
say for a down up one like flashkick, headbutt, headstomp, etc…

was able to figure it out so figure’d id post the result.

say with remy
mp and immediately press down and hold
then release down as the mp is finishing
then repeat that
now dash and immediately press down then up and kick

there’s the dash flashkick.

Now my question is what moves are best to use for the partitioning.
Remy - mp
Urien - I use UOH but I’m pretty sure fierce is the correct one?
Chunli - I again use UOH, does she have any better options?
Alex - I have no idea
Oro - I use Roundhouse - is there a better option?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

with alex: mp

i do uoh with remy as well…

and with chun-li i like to do forward+mk and then hold down, low mk xx sbk or something after that…

you do know that you willonly use this 1/10 matches perhaps?

… I’m working on a special technique that as far as I know as has never been done before. And Charge Partitioning although one of the smallest details of my strategy is still one that can come in handy.

Better to have to many tools than too few.

i still have yet to see a charge storing chun li, she hardly qualifies as a charge character anyways.

here is another easy charge partition setup to pratice. with Q, do wp rushpunch, then hold back right away. as soon as they block, backdash while holding back, then F+punch as soon as he finish the backdash. It is easy and very pratical in a real match.