How do you think 3rd strike would be without parrying?

i’m not saying to take it out but how do you think the tiers would change? How do you think the game would change?

It would probably alot more similar sf2 since fireballs would actually be a threat.

Would anti airs rule the game?

Would characters such as remy who have a great recovery on his fireball move up the tier chart?

who’s long rage pokes would actually be useful now?

what do you think?

i think defense would be alot scarier and a shoryuken would be alot mroe threatening.

Chunli wouldn’t be able to stay stationary anymore since fireballs would be a threat she would have to deal with and can’t just parry and continue building meter.

urien would still have his unblockables but makato may move down because rushing down to get that throw in would be more of a challenge most likely.

Not to mention sa3 ryu.

dunno about the chun li bit. she would even be more powerful if the other guy can’t parry imo, with all the fierces going around. i think she can c. mk under fireballs or some crap. and you definitely don’t want to toss fireballs around when she has bar.

Half the fun for me is parrying. I’d prolly not be so hooked on it if parrying wasn’t a part of the game.

Gouki would win for free half of the matches (Urien most of all)
Ryu would benefit a lot
Even Sean would be better (Ryuubi Kyaku is a good move without parrying).

But… I think Yun would be near unstoppable.

You can turn parrying off in the system direction; just do that and play some matches with friends to see how it is. That way you’re not playing theory fighter, you’re actually experiencing it.

No parries!? 12 would b GAWD!! right? :confused:

Q would probably b even more useless

SA3 Ryu would be top tier.