How do I lighten up while playing USFIV?

Play to learn instead of playing to win. When you learn something from a match it instantly becomes a win. That helped me a lot

I also worry about playing the game for the sake of fun, because I’ll be labelled a scrub. I should play to get good.

Part of me contemplated playing more games like Smash, but I’ll be called a baby for that.

Solution: Start doing what you find enjoyable and stop giving that many fucks about what others think.

stop caring what other people think

if you find yourself getting salty, smack yourself in the face

there you go

Nobody plays a game they don’t find fun. If they are, they’re either doing it wrong, or getting paid for it.

Another thing to keep in mind here: in fighting games, your opponents will do everything in their power to make you feel miserable and fuck up. Because the more you’re beating yourself up for a mistake that the opponent might even have set you up to do, the easier you’re making life for your opponent. Learning to shake that off is important.

edit: also, what kind of frauds are you playing with if you think they’ll call you a “scrub” if you play something you enjoy?

While I do want to have fun with USFIV, there’s this nagging need to be perfect, especially with my main (Vega). He got the short end of the stick in Vanilla, which makes it all the more reason to be perfect.

I probably shouldn’t promote self-destructive behavior, but having a couple beers or shots really helps me relax at a tournament. I’m usually anxious and worry too much about looking pro when I’m sober. It’s hard for me to think clearly. I find I don’t care nearly as much about winning and subsequently play a lot better when I have a buzz. If you don’t already drink, though, I wouldn’t suggest trying it.

You gotta lose in order to learn. That’s how I always approached things.

My win rate when I first started playing was something like 17 percent. A very key competent that one can take advantage of to see why they’re losing is the replay channel. I need to do it more myself, really.

You have to punch all the fuckers in the face.

Focus on form, rather then results.