How can my Hugo beat a good Oro?

I know this is probably enemy territory for advice but I figured what the hell.

I play Hugo, a pretty good Hugo at that. Although I have one major problem…ORO!!!. He is the one guy in this game that I just can get close to or do any real damage. I myself don’t play oro, but from what I have read I understand the bascis of his game. Oro is great for keeping me away. All I can really do is poke and slap oro around for a bit but am never able to deal that much damage.

There is only one guy I know that plays Oro very well. Probably the only reason he doesn’t kill me faster is because he can’t juggle me:sweat: .

So, if any of you have experience getting owned by a Hugo, please let me know. The hugo boards are dead for the most part and they haven’t really answered my question.


It becomes of battle of who can get who in the corner. If your Hugo is easy to get in the corner your toast. SA2 unblockable all day, the key is to keep oro out of the air by predicting his jumps with backbreakers. SA2 is really good for preventing the random jump. Then pressure with pokes and try to push oro to the corner then predict the jump with a backbreaker.

From there wake-up 360’s and non stop pressure, oro will prob escape the corner but most of his life will be gone, if you predict the jump-in. Oro does have a unblockable loop on Hugo that is insane.

Osek’s basically got it dead on. The Oro/Hugo poking game is just like the Chun/Oro poking game, except Oro is the one that dominates Hugo. Hugo basically has to plan his pokes more carefully than Oro does. Know the individual Oro player and mix up Hugo’s pokes to punish Oro’s recovery off a whiff. Little by little, you just might be able to corner Oro. Once you do that, keep the pressure going and be ready to parry/block/backbreaker an attempt to escape with a chicken.

Pray that you don’t lose and that he doesn’t turtle up.

^^ Speaking of that Hugo loop, what the hell is the timing on that thing. I was using jumping roundhouse(connect right on Hugo’s head), 1-hit launch,sphere, dash once 1 hit launch, SA2. It worked on training mode but I dont think the early roundhouse will work on a real player.

I’m having troubles with this loops, can anyone help me out?

Thanks a lot guys, you have given insight into what an oro player does against a hugo. It’s hard to remember all those strats while in the heat of battle so at least now I know what I should focus after having read it.

In all honesty though i would say pick gigas and do your best to get some bar. SA2 is not going to help you in my opinion because a smart Oro player will bait that all day. but yeah basically your Hugo skills have to be on point to win this match up. I might say this.

Oro is short and his normals tend to be short. being that, dont be afraid to toss some long range pokes out. and are pretty damn awesome vs oro because they can go right through his fireball and out range a good amount of his pokes. Oros hitbox while he is throwing a fireball is massive. if you land a just keep the pressure on and use those hand slaps to cause some serious push in the corner. Just watch Oro because he can jump out of the corner fast or use EX headstomp to get a “get out of corner” free card.

i will tell u this guys hugo can virtually almost never win against hugo for one reason his strong fireball it hits at any distance almost cuz hes so tall so he can never get close just whack fireballs at him and he will start parrying now u do ex fireball so he jumps in at it and now u make them guess what ur going to do to them in the air and also ex fireball and rush hugo if he turtles llol i did this in a tourney

Hand slaps and crouching Forward always freak me out vs. Hugo. If you can shut down Oro’s pokes and knock him down a couple of times, you’re in a good spot. Just be wary about EX kicks and uppercuts on wakeup.

So, I played this man of gold yesterday…

It went a lot better than usual, because I made him follow me into the corner proceeded to land a meatsquasher. After slapping a bit and landing a moonsault press he quickly ex’ed out of the corner and beat my ass with SAII unblockables.

I’ll hurt him in the corners now, which a lot better than before. I’ll keep working on it.