How can i beat Crouching throw tech spammers with Juri

I’ve come across a big problem in my game, I cant run pressure against people who just crouch throw tech all day and ruin my guessing game between combos and throwing, How can i blow up the crouching throw tech so i can get them to think twice about just spamming it in safety every time i get in on them.

I dunno man… not too experienced but I’ll try to throw some advice out there…
I’d say work on your block strings and try to mix em up with overheads? Start ending combos in Low Fireball Store, to continue pressure. Maybe lag your button presses a little to try and score a counterhit off the short they keep throwing out? Jump in for a crossup in the middle of a block string? I dunno man, try to just mix your game up.
If worst comes to worst, back up and throw fireballs and camp with the life lead, then go for counterhits.

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For a short answer, use frame traps. Do blockstring like cr.LK, cr.MP xx fuhajin store or close.LK, close.MP xx fuhajin store. Theres a gap between those, so if they tech they get counterhit, and with AE you can react and release the fuhajin for some extra damage. Other options to blow up crouch tech include:
[]TK Dive kick (instant air divekicks)
]overhead - you have to cover this a little to get past the startup with some move with frame advantage, like jumpin HK or fuhajin release.