Hori SF4 PS3/360 Arcade Sticks ******

Interesting that the ps3 gets a real hrap :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


that sux

well at least i still got my t5 to mod

Definitely coppin now!

Ill get one of each!


by essentially a hrap3 does that mean it has a sanwa stick, or just the case and layout and turbo.

gotta say madcatz has them beat on this one. the viewflix box design and art are way better.

link says sanwa stick, hori buttons. just like hrap3.

wtf at the 360 package, cant you just slap some sf4 art on a hrap ex2 and sell that instead?

Totally agree with you there, instead they give us another rehash of the shitty Hori fighting Stick EX2 with just different art

For the 5th time, Hori made the same old shit for 360

where can you buy these anyways? does gamestop stock em?

Reason was probably the low sales of Xbox 360s in Japan,but now that its slowly changing their next stick will probably be HRAP styled.

Well the HRAP EX and HRAP3 are already coming out in the US later this year so /shrug

some PS3 SF4 HRAP there.

No doubt Per will hook us up with these.

i wonder when these come out, iv bin meaning to get my hands on a hori real arcade pro 3 but i cant find any in stock