Hip Hop's Best Beats

word up xxxplosive by dre is hiphops best beat ever. the song is laughable, but i still knock it every year.
thes one still holdin it down for the crate diggers.

Clipse- Grindin:

Clipse- When the Last Time:



jnerio jarel - get yuh own (click play in the upper right)

im outi


If this sample was a chick, I’d marry her


Just Blaze - Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible)

DJ Premier - The Game

Nottz - One Night

Dr. Dre - Pause For Porno

Kanye West - Down & Out

The Hitmen - You Must Love Me

LMAO, does anyone else find it incredibly amusing and hilarious that people post their “raps” in the comments section for these instrumental uploads?

Gravediggaz (entire record of 6 Feet Deep is great beats):


mathematik - learn to earn

rakim - new york

Mathematik - Rhyme Training

Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm Instrumental


Since we have this thread is open can someone help me find this song?

Ok it opens with a horn loop (and is used throughout the song after that) and it’s an ensemble piece (the rappers on the track)

The chorus goes like…

Hell yeah we bust our gunz!
Do we fuck em till they cum?
Hell yeah we make them cum!

And something about showing who rides the best.

Sorry that’s all I have. A million props from SRK OG for anyone who can remember who’s behind that song.

despite producing them for mainly shitty MCs (gucci, juice) zaytoven is incredible.

Oh damn best beats? ok…I think i got somthin for all y’all!

LL Cool J and co - 4321: [media=youtube]rmMXY2GBCz8[/media]
Jay - Z - Big pimpin: [media=youtube]E-45xJl_mhE[/media]
Common - The light: [media=youtube]G2bsPoxl4jY[/media]
Talib Kweli - The Blast: [media=youtube]BC73fFKl3-M[/media]
De la soul - Me myself and I: [media=youtube]E3kgjzUsDeg[/media]
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock: [media=youtube]yVcx8Jn23xw[/media]
NWA - Express yourself: [media=youtube]Li9XW0Jz8WU[/media]
Grandmaster Flash - The Message: [media=youtube]O4o8TeqKhgY[/media]
Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice: [media=youtube]o6TUhx2wX0M[/media]
Warren G ft. Nate Dogg - Regulate: [media=youtube]ORjG0u_J-VE[/media]
P diddy - Bad Boy for Life: [media=youtube]Q2Ufk_5PnMU[/media]
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode: [media=youtube]QZXc39hT8t4[/media]
Doggy dog world - Snoop Dogg: [media=youtube]vLOx16X7feU[/media]
50 Cent & Nas & Bravehearts - Who U Rep With: [media=youtube]Quy5l4U-2TY[/media]
Nas and Ginuwine - You Owe Me: [media=youtube]X3bANUSYOys[/media]
Raekwon - Ice cream: [media=youtube]j05fJPvfJ0g[/media]
Busta rhymes - Touch It Remix: [media=youtube]vqF4gOe9dmM[/media]
craig mack - flava in your ear remix: [media=youtube]SLXYXyAgJTY&feature=related[/media]
One More Chance - Notorious BIG: [media=youtube]-4JbG3GvKc0[/media]
Mephis Bleek - Is That Your Chick: [media=youtube]Dl5yCSYufeg[/media]
Snoop Dogg - Lay Low: [media=youtube]ZwUyT1rDiPE[/media]
G-Unit - Stunt 101: [media=youtube]c6qk1AFH9Y4[/media]
Warren G - Lookin’ At You: [media=youtube]dE2NPxnY71U[/media]
nate dogg - i need me a bitch: [media=youtube]JhXPfJp3Q6A[/media]
The Firm ft. Dr.Dre - Phone Tap: [media=youtube]HM9zpTTZirk[/media]
2Pac - Temptations: [media=youtube]2jQzSk38dTU[/media]
Noreaga - Superthug: [media=youtube]FPgTSUXqzBo&feature=related[/media]
Noreaga - Oh No: [media=youtube]SUCxinaM1lE[/media]

Phew… thats all… for now.

Google search on the lyric came up with this: Ruff Ryders - Down Bottom ft. Drag-On, Juvenile


Just for the hype factor:


Then the rest of the best (imo):

[media=youtube]uKbS-KEinbY&feature=related"[/media] (personal favorite)
[media=youtube]9o5IWYquj5c"[/media] (personal favorite)

pete rock & CL - mecca and the soul brother

pharcyde - passin me by

y society - at my own pace

cannibal ox - pigeon

das efx - real hip hop (pete rock remix)

Who shot ya
my favorite beat of all time. it’s like a time machine back to 95’

Dead presidents

Keep ya head up

Takeover -Jay Z

Grimy Way - Alchemist

Quiet storm - mobb deep
(Hot damn ho, here we go again)

there’s just way too many things choose from especially if you love 90’s ish





ah shit I forgot this black milk one


What is going on here? No one posts Aesop Rock - Daylight?


True True