Higher Ranked player Dickhead syndrome

Hello! Today I was playing SF on endless battle, and I was on a good winning spree of like 20+ straight winnings. My BP is 5000 and my PP is 1500. I dont usually play ranked anymore, my PP is low due to not playing it anymore. I’ve noticed that players with 3k+ pp are DICK HEADS. EVERYTIME I beat top ranked players they boot me from the match or more so if its 3 or more people in a party I win 4 straight then I lose they kick me. I HATE that shit. I thought top rank players are suppose to be humble and not OMG I CANT LOSE TO A SCRUB. It makes me NEVER want to play online again. Anyone have this issue? Its very annoying. Cheers

Well I never join any endless lobbies because it’s a kick fest, instead I make my own room so I am the boss. Solution is, make your own room.

I kick people if they lag, whether I win or lose, maybe that’s why some of those kicked you.

A clear sign of a douchebag is someone that you beat a bunch of times, but they only wait for that 1 single win then immediately kick you after it lol

People can be dickheads regardless of their meaningless online rank.

create your own lobby with 1/2 slot, i rarely join an existing one, and usually its just a waste of time since peoples put 3-5 slot so instead of practicing the match up when you lose , you just waste your time waiting and lose your momentum

When I see people get booted they do 1 of 3 things

  1. Lag
  2. Mash like there’s money or points or something on the line
  3. Play like an ass-hat. Full screen tatsu, wake up ultra with a life lead, or other illogical actions

Edit-or you joined the lobby of a certain unnamed top viper player and he lost when you were up next

what I do is make an alternate psn account and destroy upper ranked people.

I’m not a masher, nor am I a scrub! My connection was green as well. I’m going to play again in a bit a create my own slot since top ranked think I maybe win by mashing. Playing with chun’li is an uphill battle anyways using pokes, and mind games other wise I lose. At the arcades here in LA i beat a few top ranked cammys, and evil ryus and there were PISSED like their fucking eyes were red. I presume thats what happens in person so they kick people lol.

Welcome to the internet. Everyone’s an asshole or a troll.

High-level players OFFLINE tend to be very nice, humble, and friendly. The internet just brings the worst out of people.

That’s not how that works. You see connection bars according to how well they sync with you.
Bad sync=High lag= red bars.
sketchy sync=moderate lag= yellow/orange bars.
Good sync=minimal lag=green bars.

You always see green bars for yourself, because the game is showing you your own connection to yourself. You always see green bars for your own connection.

Sometimes i make lobbies saying 4000-5000pp only, which is basically my way of saying “players of my level please”. Then I get 10 peeps in a row who aren’t very good at all / laggy / from countries way too far away for a decent connection to even be feasible. I kick people often for the above mentioned reasons. Usually I give people who just have low points a match or two since not everyone plays ranked. Some that kick you are likely assholes, others could kick you for any of the above mentioned reasons.

I wish more people would realize this instead of saying that the other person is the sole reason of the lag.

3k PP players are not top ranked players
if you play vs 4500+ PP players they usually act fair, not all but most of them
in case those player kick you its because they usually get bored when you cant catch up with the lvl of gameplay they display

It’s one of the reasons I don’t often fight in endless. Join in, wait for the current match to end, wait up to 15 minutes to finally get to play… lose by 1/4 of the lifebar in round one, barely lose at all in round two, kicked from the lobby. That or get into one where the person who’s winning is so much better than the rest of us that you never get to fight anyone else.

At least if someone doesn’t want to fight me in Ranked they can just not click my name.

Sorry if it is the wrong place. I need English interface/UI pack. I don’t need the audio/sound or BGM. Can anyone please give me a link to download it. My interface is Russian and I don’t have the English interface files.

Stop taking it so seriously. People will trash talk in real life, and triple the amount online. You get all the hermits that hold their blabbering shit inside in real life, they blow up on the internet like it’s the only way.
Also, top online players don’t always mean they’re top players in real life. They might not even have lives… I’ve come across HELLA high ranked players in various games that I’ve wiped their shit into the ground. SOME top players are humble… You talking some… Justin is, for example. But then you get douchebag ones too, so don’t go with this stigma that top players going to be nice to you. I can guarantee FChamp be one of those dudes that would be all dickish. I love that guy.

Language UI file is small file. Can some one upload this?

If I’m playing someone that I’m beating that kicks me, I take it as a compliment. Like, they couldn’t figure out how to beat me so the easiest way to get back at me is to not play me at all.

I really only play endless if I can’t find any good ranked connections (Which does happen over here, seems like Mainlanders really only play Endless), or if I’m playing someone on my friend list.

Language UI contains all languages
Do you have the Steam version? If so, choose game from Steam library, right-click and go to Options-Language. Change from Russian to English

first please dont ruin the point system
and why you not ask them why they kick you?