Help countering Captain America

I know, i’ve stopped Super Charging Star with a projectile super before.

However, it comes out so FAST and so durable. More often than not, he’ll plow his way through before anything can stop it in time.

That only happens if he’s too far away otherwise it has more durability than any thing else (not counting Zero’s lvl3). He does however have to be inside the 3/4 screen range, and preferrably no further away than 1/2 screen if you’re going to do it raw.


And if the projectile hyper has slow startup, he can just Heavy Charging Star to get closer to you before popping HCS.

idk if this as been answered yet but…

All I can add to all of this is Respect cap, but not too much


Standing L is Rapid fire not Cr L

Idk what your saying by you can’t punish Hyper charging star, its mad unsafe on block, his cr L is 4 frames on start up and -2 on block[Doyler01 set me straight:/], its pretty gdlk,

"Oh and did I mention that if I DO block the Charging Star/Hyper Charging Star while I’m off the ground, I can’t punish it? This is insane."
Stop chicken blocking, lots of players do it cause they don’t wanna get hit, it’s a natural reaction that you gotta lessen on.

Charging star is Highly unsafe on block and yes it IS hyper cancellable so just wait till hes done doing his UNSAFE HYPERS then punish, only S&S hyper has start up invincibilty but it can be punish on block also, you gotta just block the BS.

Someone posted that Cap can’t frametrap with cr L somewhere, to that I say please STFU you haven’t a clue what your on about, in a kind way, I frametrap constantly with it and its arguably one of the best cr L in the game along side Taskmasters and Dark phoenix [3 frame start up]

If zoning is your game be very space conscious, Cap has no problem getting through Projectiles so don’t feck with him close or even mid range with projectiles, it’s very possible to bait a Charging star by whiffing normals at the right distance then punishing H charging star in the recovery stage, caps only option after a blocked H charging star is to hyper, both are highly unsafe on block so just block and punish.

Cap is straight forward when it comes to dealing with and really needs assists for decent mix up potential, usually when a cap player uses a beam assist [say doom] then cartwheel, just hit him outta cartwheel, it’s invincible for 11 frames from start up I believe correct me if I’m wrong somebody so just throw out a L and hit confirm into S quickly to avoid beam, if beam is blocked and caps doing cartwheel chances are a tick throw or cr L

Caps easy to beat when you know how, I know all too well;)

Ask if you want more help

Caps cr A is -2 on block. As its 4 frame startup cr A cr A frame trap has a gap of 6 frames between hits. So most characters can mash A out of it. All you should be hoping to catch is a push block.

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