Good PS2 and PS3 arcade sticks?

Where would be a good place to purchase the two.

Also I would like to know if in a tournament, are you allowed to bring your arcade stick?

I mostly am looking for a PS3 arcade stick, it has to have at least 7 buttons, one including the start button.

Thanks in advance everyone!

There is this lil’ place in the forum called: tech talk.

Click there.


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Do I just make a new thread in tech talk?

Sorry for sucking balls, I am just new XD

hrap2 / hrap3, mas


Lol - it’s okay.

Nobody hates you for asking. :rofl:

It took me a couple of weeks to use the search function for the first time (but, to be fair, this was the first forum I ever had interest in actually perusing at such length, let alone joining).

There is soooo much good shit in the [tech talk] section, you might not resurface for days - it’s really informative.

And you’ll want an HRAP iteration, a custom stick, or one of the new Madcatz sticks that shall be out upon SF4’s release.

well for the poor i would recommend fighting stick 3 downside however is that it works on ps3 only and only for ps3 games i used mine for the guest and comes and play im waiting on the sfiv sticks i be all over that :slight_smile:

SC4 Arcade stick on sale at Amazon for $40 new:

HRAP 3 SA is getting a reissue in December, and as far as I can tell that’s one of the best quality sticks you can get straight out of the box.

The only bad thing I can think of for the SA sticks are that you still might need to pop the e ring and pull the spring apart though, otherwise the stick itself is way too loose and feels like it’s gliding on air.

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Be careful in the future. There’s a lot of areas on the forum, take some time and look around.

Arcade in a Box is another good option. I’ve been very happy with my stick. They’re pricey, but probably not much more than what a HRAP SA costs after shipping anyway. I would suggest upgrading to the Sanwa stick and Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

They have 6 “play” buttons (plus the start, select, and PS button), so if 8 play buttons is important to you, look elsewhere. Then again, you said 7 including start, so it sounds like 6 buttons would be enough.

Just bear in mind that they’re built to order and may take 4-6 weeks to get to you.