Gameware Monthly 4.9 Results

We took a hit in numbers due to a lot of people going to ARK and tearing it up this past weekend, but we still had a pretty decent turnout.

Another big thank you to all the people who brought setups for the tournaments. This isn’t possible without your help and it’s greatly appreciated. October will be the last Gameware Monthly at the College Dr. (Baton Rouge, La) location for the year and may include some Halloween themes (candy/food/costuming). Stay tuned for more updates (or come to the next monthly) about those future developments.

Gameware 4.9 Results!! (We ended around 11:30pm)

MvC3 (17)
1st Trumpet
2nd Blaise
3rd Chris T

SSF4: AE (16)
1st Julio44
2nd LoyalSol
3rd zValor

SFIII:3sO (11)
1st spanishjap
2nd Munchkin
3rd Trumpet

julio not good enough to have his SN?

It’s what he responds to more often. But I’ll definitely add in that 44.