GameFAQs Poll for June 22, 2007 (Favourite 2D Fighting Series)

I know GameFAQs isn’t generally looked highly upon here, but they have a 2D fighter-related poll today (June 22nd), so I figured I’d let people know about it. Their choices are reasonably comprehensive, and the results are pretty revealing, for what they’re worth. Could explain why Midway keeps making MK games, at least.

PS I voted Darkstalkers. Yeah, SF may have the better games, but there’s that certain level of character, atmosphere and charm that DS has in spades.

FF7 will win.

i voted marvel vs capcom

wtf, MK in second place? GTFO, that’s not even a fighter. that’s a stupid piece of shit.
UMK3 is the ONLY good MK game.

That would be all kinds of hilarious.

Me: clicks view results Okay, Guilty Gear with 10%, KoF with 14%…FF7 with 215%?! WTF!? It wasn’t even an option??? :wtf:

+1 for Darkstalkers. :pleased:

I voted for SF because 3S=win. lol at KOF getting 4% and MK getting 28%.

It is a little scrwed up that KOF only has 4% of the vote.

Somewhere Dark Geese is really pissed off.

SF > MvC > KoF > GG > the rest.

Seriously? Mortal Kombat… :frowning:

the gamefaqs audience arent exactly the guys who crack open a few beers and play halo or madden; they’d be considered hardcore by general gaming standards, but theyre not hardcore enough to actually know how to play fighting games.

given that, these results don’t really surprise me. anyone hoping to release a fighting game in future should take note of what makes certain games popular, actually. obviously nostalgia is a big factor in making SF and MK rated so highly, but it’s interesting that stuff like GG and MvC have such a big lead over KOF. good character designs, pretty graphics and an newbie-accessible system go a long way, and none of those necessarily exclude the potential for a good high-level game.

An interesting poll for gauging non-hardcore fighting fan interest. Like polarity said, the MK/SF results are undoubtedly nostalgia related, but the fact that as of this writing three of the four least popular titles are from SNK – one of the more productive companies when it comes to recent 2D fighters – is a bit sobering.

mortal kombat in second place above kof and gg is fucking retarded

I don’t understand this attitude. Yes, MK is a shitty game from a competitive perspective, but it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to be a competitive player. From a casual perspective, what’s stopping it from being an enjoyable game? And who are you to tell people they’re stupid for enjoying something?

More random neg rep please :lol:

No matter what the results of the poll, GameFAQs still sux

Well, the results are in:

  1. Street Fighter: 33.62%
  2. Mortal Kombat: 28.52%
  3. Marvel vs. Capcom: 22.13%
  4. Guilty Gear: 6.77%
  5. The King Of Fighters: 4.34%
  6. Samurai Shodown: 2.05%
  7. Darkstalkers: 1.88%
  8. Fatal Fury: 0.69%


They have the “Best 3D fighting game series” poll right now…and LO AND BEHOLD…SSB is winning…despite it not being TRUE 3D (whereas true gems like VF is trailing behind the likes of DOA, tis a sad day).

Oh, you GameFAQ nerds…when will you ever learn? :rofl:

If Sephiroth was in SSB, the other games wouldn’t get a single vote.

Wow, I feel strange for voting Fatal Fury with like 3 other people. If going on nostalgia I’d thought there would be more SNK love.

Well considering Link is in it it is getting most of the votes anyway.

gamefaqs is a joke really but I understand your point.

Wow, the results of a bunch of 15 year old punks interrupting their rpg discussion to cast a vote on their favorite fighting games. VERY INTERESTING. Keep us posted when the “hottest girl of fighting games” poll is up.