GameClucks (Seattle/PNW) Season 1 Final - Feb 12th 2011

Main Thread for Series:

GameClucks SSF4 Monthly Thread - Feb 12th 2011 (SEASON 1 FINAL)

Date: Feb 12th 20111 (SEASON 1 FINAL EVENT)

Games: SSF4 1v1 and 3v3

Time: Noon - Whenever (3v3 then 1v1)

Venue: GameClucks - 18717 76th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036

Equipment: We have access to 8 Xbox 360s and 12 TVs.
We have 2 SSF4 disks at this time though. So bring Disks!!

Entry Fees:
Venue: $5 (For Players and Casuals - True Spectators are Free)
Events: $10 for 1v1, $5 each ($15 per Team) for 3v3
In the case that Slash comes up for Live Stream, $1 of the Venue Fee will be donated to him to help cover Gas/Expenses.
IF no Slash, then that $1 will go to the TourneyPlay SSF4 League Fund (see below)

1v1: 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%
10% will go to the TourneyPlay SSF4 League Fund (see below) (+ possible $1 per entry if no Slash)
3v3: 60%, 30%, 10%

3v3: Sign in Noon - 1:30pm, Bracket starts at 2:00pm
1v1: Sign in until 3:30pm, Bracket starts at 4:00pm

TourneyPlay SSF4 League:
We will run points on the 1v1 competition (point system being reviewed right now from the Smash league data).
We will use 5 Monthly GC events as a Season with the 6th being Finals.
Season Final Event will involve two brackets: Qualifier Bracket and Pro Bracket

Qual Bracket:
Anyone with League Points except the top 8 play in this bracket for a chance to fill spots 9-12 in the Pro Bracket.
Top 4 in this bracket advance to Pro Bracket.
IMPORTANT: You must have attended at least 1 of the 5 regular Season events and have Points to play in this bracket. This protects the prize pool from someone swooping in on last event and taking it w/o ever contributing to it.

Pro Bracket:
12 Players in all. Top 8 players based upon the League Points will be entered in the Pro Bracket Automatically, other 4 fill from top 4 spots in Qual Bracket.

IF WE HAVE MORE THEN 40++ in reg attendance at the Reg Season events, then we can talk about making the Season Final a bracket for 24 (Top 16 points auto in Pro and then top 8 in Qual = 24)

Entry Fee for Season Final Event:
Venue: $5
1v1 Qual Bracket: $10
1v1 Pro Bracket: $15 (or +$5 if paid for Qual Bracket)

TP League Prizes: Total of 10% from 5 events + Entry from Qual + Pro Bracket
1st 50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 5%, 5th/6th 2.5% each

Season Final Prize Example: 30 ppl attend every Season event, Season Final prize pool would look something like this
30 people x $10 x 10% x 5 events = $150
22 ppl in Qual x $10 = $220
8 ppl in Pro x $15 = $120
4 ppl coming from Qual to Pro x $5 = $20
Est Prize Pool: $510 Website:
You will register for events either before the event or day of on the TP website for score keeping.