Friends Hating Because I Play Chun

Do any of my fellow Chun players experience hate for playing Chun Li? My friends make me feel noobish/unskilled for playing Chun Li, and will often hate on her.

My one friend specifically points out the following to make his “I Hate Chun Li” case: Two good ultras, easy combos, hazonshu is too easy to use in over head mix ups, too easy to combo into ultra 2, good range, good pokes, doesn’t take advantage of “advanced game mechanics.” What he means by “advance game mechanics” is that she doesn’t rely on FADCs, according to him.

Anybody experience things such as this? I really don’t think Chun Li is over-powered. I explained to him that she lacks a good reversal, anti air is really hard to get down, and, while the range on her pokes are great, focus attack that shit! Not to mention low health and stun. It might be important to note that my friend mains Abel and Makoto, and I do think Chun Li shines most against grapplers.

yep been there, most ppl who doesnt know shit about chun tend to say thing like those that you mentioned, dont worry, just ignore them, saltyness is almost always talking in those cases (actually when that happens i just tell them ok ill play your character and you play chun, lets see who wins and then they just say something like “why chun doesnt have a srk like ken, why chun take so many time to land from a jump”, etc etc).

At 1050, Chun-Li actually has above average stun.

His argument that her overhead is too easy to use for mixups can be countered with the fact that he can use command grabs in the same manner. Also, I don’t see why her overhead is particularly easier to mix up with than any other characters overhead. The whole “advanced game mechanics” argument is retarded too. Chun-Li does rely on fundamentals pretty heavily, but fundamentals are harder to master than any FADC combo. I could dp FADC ultra with Ryu well before I could competently space, zone, poke, anti air, and rush down in the appropriate situations. As for easy combos, sit him down and have him demonstrate a legs loop combo. She is not even close to being the only character in the game that can get into an ultra with one meter, or AA into ultra with no meter. That ultra has garbage damage anyways. Also, kindly remind him that he uses Abel (cr.fierce into ultra 1 for no meter) and Makoto (command grab into ultra 1 for no meter).

I do agree that Chun-Li has 2 good ultras, but that is not exclusive to her. In fact, Makoto and Abel both have two excellent ultras, along with Dudley, Adon, Rufus, Sagat and more. So that argument doesn’t hold water. Chun-Li is for sure a strong character, but she is far from the strongest now in AE, and requires a lot of work to be good with. She doesn’t have an auto pilot mode either. She has the tools to adapt to any situation, but it is up to the player to know her well enough to do so and then execute properly.

It sounds like your friends are just hating for the sake of hating. They would rather blame their losses on your character choice instead of the fact that you play better than they do. I’m lucky that I play in a circle that doesn’t have this kind of hate. We all respect each others character choices and do everything we can to help each other level up.

kalvin summed up my points exactly…

i hate Viper but I am not going to hate my friends because of it.

Tell them to grow up too and read some articles on footsies, meter management and matchups. She takes a lot of work to play “effectively”. A lot of players pick her up and expect instant results (see: the twins). They should respect your character choice and try to get better at the matchup.

BTW Kalvin, when we going to playnin some rooms against people… You always seem to be “unavailable”.

As others have said, Chun is pure fundamentals/zoning and a hell of a lot harder to pick up and play than a character like Abel with a strong rushdown game. People just tend to get salty when you consistantly outplay them. Your character must be “broken”, it can’t POSSIBLY be that you’re just better :wink:

If it were 3s I’d understand I guess, but SF4 Chun-Li is a different beast altogether. Moreso with the stupid AE changes. She really has to work for her wins.

I don’t get the FADC complaint. She can use it to combo to U2… she can use it to get away (in case she feels a kikoken or HSU is wrong). She does have some extended FADC’s, but they’re not fundamental.

She’s no shoto. Indeed, not everyone has an immediate need for FADC. Characters are created differently. In her case, it’s usually better to use one EX for damage (usually EX legs) instead of two (FADC).

I don’t get the HSU complaints either. Outside of reacting to fb’s and after conditioning the other guy for a while to block low (and then HSU-ing), it’s laughably punishable (focus absorbs, shoryukens, air throws, etc.)

The next time someone complains about U2, as already mentioned, point out the damage output.

To quote d3v’s profile pic from Unity, looks like your friend will have to

This is a strange concept for me, I’ve never thought of her as a character people hated on :sweat:.

Me too, at least in AE. I saw the thread in the recent threads thing and thought for sure it was a new 3s thread!

I main Guile/Remy and Yang and well… good thing I’ve known my friends for a while/they’re better than me in FG’s because I piss a few off a ton for being real defensive. Not always turtling (that gets to be suicide after a while) but rarely aggressive (note: not as Yang, I’m the opposite there).

Main point is tell them to deal with it, eventually they’ll figure out a way to punish your stuff then you’ll go on this massive lose streak (still in the middle of it, like 2 wins every 10 losses for me at least), then you’ll figure out a way to punish their stuff. How you improve at the game, how your strategy evolves :wink:

Ha. I’d change your friend’s whole perspective on how Chun uses FADC on top of the other fundamentals.

As far as hate, I’ve gotten complaints about Chun from time to time, but I don’t see them proving how allegedly easy she is in this game. Even the people who complained before and converted realize she’s not that easy. I say just do you and don’t worry about it.

funny becuase i hate able and makoto. two characters that players most spend their time not blocking and guessing only for it to pay off in the end. i swear the fgc are full of comedians.

LOL when my friends start hating on chun i jokingly get arrogant and say chun isnt that gr8 she never makes top 8 at majors, you dont hate chun…its just me XD
Because to be honest…I think chuns overrated and takes alot more than the average characters you see in top 8…will she ever win a major? or come close?

ppl hate? Personally, I love play against chun because she is a well designed character, with good offence and defense and not some cheap fucking overpowered offence like Yun

SSFIV Chun had to be one of the quietest top tiers in the history of fighting games.

Chun’s overheads are super slow on startup. Anyone who gets hit by them outside of a combo deserves to get hit by them.

Also, haters gonna hate. Chun is a really good character, I won’t deny that.

BUT, as I say all the time, she has to work REALLY fucking hard for her wins.

Tell your friend, at least when Chun wins, she deserve the win. We don’t win a match cheaply. If your friend is gonna hate, hate Seth, Ibuki, 2 twins, Rufus, Cammy, Akuma, Viper.

Get new friends.

Your friend should be grateful. As an Abel main myself I would kill to have regular access to the Chun m/u. I do much better vs a good Gief than a mediocre Chun, all thanks to running countless sets vs. Gief during the vanilla days.

Oh and get new friends or sparring partners at least.

This is interesting actually because I think if Abel plays the matchup right, he can really take momentum away from Chun. It’s all about the mixups and having a good read as far as when you think Chun will or won’t EX SBK on wakeup. If Abel can guess this right and punish right, Chun dies fast.

probably cause she’s a bitch