Friday Night BeatDown/GYTNEWS 3v3 madness @ Dreamlab on 3/5/10


This is the return of the Friday Night Beatdown and it’s new location at Dreamlab Gaming, Thanks to James owner of Dreamlab…

This 3v3 tourney is going to have a limit of 16 teams. So you will pre-reg here…
This is going to be pokemon style play, no character change so stick with your main and it will be double elimination… any character is allow in this tourney… Im proud to say that FnB new home will be at Dreamlab…


16 Team cap

  • 1 of each character per team (no 3 sagats on a team) and no switching
  • Double elimination
  • Default time and round
  • 1 set
  • Grand final is 2 out of 3 sets
  • No characters banned
  • Pokemon format (ie. Team 1, 2, 3 vs. Team 4, 5, 6 ? 1 beats 4, 1 beats 5, 6 beats 1, 2 beats 6. Team 1, 2, 3 wins.)
  • Bring your own sticks and pad controls are ok!


DreamLab Gaming
1023 South Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA, 91007



Entry Fee:

$15.00 per team so it will be 5.00 per person


PS3 with 2 non lag vizio hdmi tv’s…
Also Bring your own Sticks

Pre-Reg List
I want name of the team and players of your team…

Also im capping it to 16 teams so please pre reg…

  1. Team FFA (Justin Wong,James Chan, ???)
  2. Team Tribal paradise
  3. Team H8 Crew (MRHAN, Ian Combo, ???)
  4. Team SNC (XBlades, Tenjinalpha, Zill Grind)
  5. Team Spinning Messu Demon- Kilomax, 72B, Stebalo7
  6. The Valley’s Rollin’ Deep Tonight! (Destruct1ve, Commander Jesse, HellFyre)
  7. Team Half A Trillionaires Arisen from the Darkness… Oh Btw Messiah Kick (DJ Divive, Blaqskills, E$ Money)

can you please consider also using the XBOX 360 setups behind the PS3 setups as well?
from what i’ve felt there isnt as much lag as there is on the main tv screens in the front. please try and have the 360 setups up and running for this tournament it will greatly be appreciated and might even help keep the tourney at a good steady pace without complaints about lag

we can arrange something for you…

Please pre reg myself/james/and a mystery

justin you are now pre reg…

yayy we got a team now…

Team BMF(Bad Motha Fuckas) - Krayzie Bone, Wonder_Chef, and I will get back to you on our third man.

Who the fuck is James Chan.

ATTENTION… Thanks to glenn, strider and the gyt crew, This 3v3 will be streamed and recorded for this friday’s event… thank you GYTNEWS…

So, is it true that you aren’t allowing me to enter this tournament?

Krayzie Bone informed me that you had texted him saying I wouldn’t be able to join.

ellipses for days son.all mysterious and shit.

James Chen aka Jchensor

DJ Breast stop calling him James Chan, lolz u did that too in teh Ten2gaming results thread too. :bgrin:

lol, I know fool, that’s the joke.

dont hate muzras nalgas… you better have a team for friday

Alright, well if you don’t say that I can’t go I’m going to show up.

Edit: Sign up Team H8 Crew (MRHAN, Ian Combo, ???)

get the message already you dont show…end of story…

so who is your third???

getting one soon, just gotta confirm with the 3rd player…

Team Spinning Messu Demon- Kilomax, 72B, Stebalo7