Forward Medium Standing Punch Usage?

I have been practicing out over and over again about ibuki’s bnbs. I just thought how important the standing f+MP as a combo starter.

When do we use this standing f+mp combo starter in a match?

What would be the frame advantages and disadvantages of this against any certain reversals of any class?

I thought that St.LP is better for starting because of its frame +3 on startup. But so many pro ibukis prefer to use standing MP over light punch.


st.LP Pros
-fast startup at 3f
-easy, guaranteed blockstring on most characters via TC4
-shitload of time to hitconfirm

st.LP Cons
-TC4 is character specific, and spacing specific
-relatively low damage potential without Tsumuji loop
-lowers Tsumuji loop-ability

st.MP Pros
-good damage, and sets up potentially damaging combos (st.MP st.MP st.MK)
-sets up universal Tsumuji loop
-perfect pushback on block for kara throw setup
-combos into itself and auto frame traps
-very easy to option select afterward (specifically due to the lack of special cancellability)

st.MP Cons
-slightly slower startup at 5f
-does not net you a blockstring
-also character specific, spacing specific

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Post here next time: Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference, or the matchup dictates which should be used, and mostly what you’re trying to accomplish. does more damage, leads to more damaging combos. For me, it’s what I can do afterwards that’s more important. I can go for the throw, I can go for the counter-hit setups, go low, take a slight step back and do a cr.RH, do a kara-throw, hit confirm into a combo, go for another cross-up, command dash mixups, etc etc.

But st.lp comes out fast, you can use it for jab pressure, it punishes certain moves on recovery, or before it lands, it counter-hits often against characters with slow pokes at close range, it pushes your opponents away, etc etc.

Ibuki is a character where it’s really your situation that defines which buttons are preferred over others.