Focus Attack?

If you get hit by a focus attack its because the guy made a good read with it. Seriously, they aren’t that big a deal. They’re only great against charge characters and then their only used sparringly. Focus Attack is the shittiest parry; most of the time its used to get out of a situation safely. Pfft this thread.

If you didnt have FA you know how hard it would be to get in on Vega with his pokes? Extremely hard! FA is a good system, it still requires you to do a good read and execute after your good read. Its a 2 part system thats more difficult than a parry.

Extremely hard? There is this thing called whiff punishing… It’s handy when people abuse good normals.

Focus as a footsie tool is way easier than a parry, it can obsorb an attack AND crumple you for a huge combo, it’s the most brain dead footsie tool… Don’t believe me? Go play an online E. Ryu and see how long you can play footsies with him until you get focus crumpled and lose half your health.

Whiff punish isnt so easy vs good players that arent whiffing many attacks. Vega has very good normals in SF4.

You need a level 2 to crumble with a FA so its not easier than a Parry. With a Parry you dont need any sort of levels for a counter attack to be affected. Parries dont even have a whiff animation. Ive had plenty of players FA my attack and Ive been able to block the FA in time or throw them out of it. If it was a parry I would be eating that attack.

Honestly, because most of the characters I enjoy lose more than they gain on focus attacks being in the game(Fei and Cody are exceptions), I’m bad at utilizing it myself, and I completely suck at playing around it. I also feel that the mechanic often is far too rewarding for how how easy it is to do, compared to the reward you get off of most other footsie options. It’s more difficult to bait out a poke and whiff punish it on reaction than it is to walk straight into someones poke range and charge focus, but the reward for the latter is most cases much higher than for the former.

Projectjustice is 100% nuts. just ignore him when he posts cuz he seems to like everything wrong with Street Fighter and fighters in general. Anything broken which everyone hates he loves.
he loves parries, focus attacks, comeback ultras, op supers, x-factor, MK9 x-ray attacks, KOFXIII HyperDrives, unstoppable jump ins, Guilty Gear 1 hit instant kills, unblockables, and 1 button corner infinites.
if he had any say we’d all be playing with a 1 button does all controller.
I think he posted once that his favorite fighting game is Divekick.

if he’s serious about his statements he’s a menace to the FGC, which I hope he isn’t.

look at your own post bro.
look hard.
look at who gave you an LOL.
look at the avatar of the member who just gave you a LOL.
see that his av is of Vega?
See what he thinks of your “cant get in on Vega without Focus” troll post?
Please stop ProjectJ.
I’m serious.
I cant tell if you are here trolling or just plain ole nuts cuz everything you say is so very incredibly wrong.


are you posting from a psychiatric ward?

I used Vega as an example to prove my point about focus attacks negating the use of certain normals. Normals that would be more often used if it wasn’t for the focus attack being in the game.
I play Vega. He’s my sub.
I,… like 90% of most SF4 Vegas out there, don’t use crouching fierce as a poke solely because of the fear of it getting focused since its a single hit normal that’s meaty with tons of recovery.
And my point was that focus negates certain buttons being used. certain pokes. Certain normals.
Which is obviously true.
Which is why he, the guy who gave your trollpost a LOL, gave my post an Agree. Cuz he knows why we don’t use crouching fierce as a poke, which is focus attacks. Then you come in an state its “extremely hard” to get in on Vega without focus.
I said focus negates certain normals that Vega has. I didn’t say it negates all of Vega’s normals. Vega’s standing hk is 2 hits and so is his close st. fierce. So no Focus doesn’t make it “easier” to get in on Vega. Focus just negates some of Vega’s poke/fishing normals but not all.
Which is my whole point!
That focus negates certain buttons which would normally be used if it didn’t exist.
Wtf man?
Your madness is mindfucking me to the point of making me go insane as well.

I dislike the ridiculous nature of some of the armor breaking moves, what were they thinking when they selected Cammy or Chun Li’s armor breakers?!? You cannot react to FA with a spinning bird kick, and the move it multi hit anyway.

I have over 10,000 matches in SF4, in SF3 i probably have even more. Stop it dude, you can disagree with me all you want but theres no need for your bullshit.
Divekick? Stop reaching, now you are just making shit up but you know whats factual? You calling SF3 trash.

So because you cant spam 1 attack out of 5 others it proves your point? No it doesnt, Vega can still put a lot of pressure with c.MP. Ive matched up vs very very good Vegas and they dont throw out C.HP as much cause it isnt a great attack in the same way a lot of other characters dont use certain attacks all the time. Bisons Far S.HP is not a good attack and I rarely use it due to the same reasons. FA affects everyone not just Vega. The game is balanced around this in the same way SF3s was around Parries.

I could give 2 shits who agrees with me and who doesnt. Using that to merit your post is laughable, yet you claim to be from the old days here at SRK. Yea sure you were. lol This isnt some homecoming king and queen dance contest.

LMAO! ok ok! haha, i’ll admit it. I did make that up about you liking Divekick the game.
couldn’t help myself there, heheh.

So two Vega players disagreeing with your ludicrous post about Vega doesn’t make you question there’s a chance you might be wrong about about your beliefs?
think that’s a good idea not to question yourself?
about you being totally wrong?
lol, ok.

Vega still has good normals and thats a fact. Yea FA can shut down his C.HP but FA can shut down any bad normals in the game. Heck even good normals, Its not just him. Players still need to make good reads and execute.

SFIV discourages players from engaging in a footsies battle with a lot of characters because of focus attacks. It discourages the player from using an essential tool (projectiles) because of ultra. It discourages the use of meaties and pressing offense because of the massive reversal window.

SFIV becomes a terribly slow game because it severely limits both players from contesting mid-screen. What kind of Street Fighter punishes players so hard for using fundamentals like playing footsies, throwing projectiles, and trying to anti-air???

You mentioned before that people don’t jump in SFIV because they’ll get blown up. Well, I present exhibit A: Dieminion vs Momochi EVO 2014. Watch as Momochi gets “blown up” by all of Dieminion’s anti-airs, yet miraculously, still keeps winning matches with 1 or 2 successful jump ins.

Playing the way Momochi did against Dieminion would have been suicidal in any other Street Fighter game.

b-b-but Project…that my whole point! that FA shuts down his cr. HP! but I disagree with your assessment of his cr. HP and you calling it a “bad” normal. Its not a “bad” normal. its a great one. it just turns bad when you introduce the godforsaken focus attack that is the mutated offspring of the hideous parry married with an unblockable attack.
which is why parries and focus attacks suck.

If we go by his avatar, ProjectJustice plays with Dictator.
PJ…go on and tell us that M.Bison’s jump in hp isn’t op.
go on and lie to us.
Cuz you, if you play with him know damn well his jump in HP is way too op.
that move isn’t as bad as lets say Sakura’s jump in hp,…but its hitbox/hurtbox is still bullshit.
And you know that is 100% true in your heart.
Cuz that move is near impossible to anti-air with a normal. And you know that’s true. You need a beyond godlike anti-air normal to punish it.
Juri’s crouching mp is like one of THE MOST godlike anti-air normals in the game and Bison’s jump in hp beats it almost 100% of the time…so fuck outta here with that bullshit “you’ll get blown up for jumping in on people in SF4” nonsense.
uh…no you don’t.

the 2 things I see high levels players do more than anything else is jump around and kara throw. because both works so well. And jumping around in 4 works so well only because anti-air normals suck in SF4.

ProjectJustice doesn’t wanna accept facts.
because the facts are that SF4 like SF3 are not well designed games…and anyone with brains knows that.

Though I do admit that SF3 was far better than SF4 in terms of design. What held SF3 back…was the horrible unbalanced tiers, the parry, and that the majority of the cast was unfamiliar and new. Other than those 3 things it was a fine game.
With SF4, the cast was great, and it was well balanced considering the huge roster…but everything else about that game was horrible.
the focus attack and its cancels, the ultras, the slowness of speed and pace, the stiff clunkiness, the frame data, the nutty huge hitstun from lights linking into bullshit, hitbox on throws and grabbing people out of normals, the shitty hitboxes on anti-airs while having silly good hitboxes on jump ins…fuck that game. Everything was wrong about that game. At least SF3 did lots of things right. SF4 did everything wrong.

Locking until you two stop using this thread as your personal boxing ring.