Find a Challenger! The PCAE thread

Here it is guys!
Got a problem finding matches on SSIVAE for PC? Then connect with others who are looking for a match.
I figured this has to be done. My PC handle is in my signature.
Disclaimer: Do not expect a Diago like performance out of me.
I figured I would make this thread in response to this one.

I think it would be nice to include your region as well? That way we can avoid adding people from two planets away. Anyway… my ID is TaiGekTou and I play in the Asia region. As for my disclaimer… don’t even expect half a Daigo like performance out of me lol. I suck pretty bad… very bad.

Chan Foundation, US

i Clangers i
Region - UK




I play a horrific Ibuki cause all I can train against are Ken Mashers, give endless lobbies against fellow awfuls. I did meet Static one time, that’s been aboot it though, just those fucking Kens otherwise.


Cody main

Only play Endless Battles.

Would be good if people included connection speeds.

Yeah I’ve played you a couple times, have you on my list actually! Was good games from what I recall. I’d be down for some endless sometime soon if you’re up for it.

Am exspes on gfwl :slight_smile: nice to find a thread like this on srk, need more people to play against :smiley: added everyone from the UK, am in Ireland so should be a good connection to all of you, anyone in europe wants to add me feel free :slight_smile: i’m fairly bad and i don’t really have a main, play Adon the ‘best’ i suppose but i don’t enjoy playing him and i can’t find anyone that sticks so i’ll be character hopping a lot.


I main Makoto my fundamentals are ok for a rough estimate of my skill level im about 1700pp atm. Add me for some endless.

I played against you one time in ranked. It was laggy as hell though. I main Ryu

opticknads, US East Coast

hmmm i might have been streaming sorry. streaming ssf4 takes up quite an amount of bandwidth for some reason.


We’re already discussing this part IV