EVO 8 player Sega Saturn Bomberman anyone?

Just wondering if anyone is any good at this game and would like to play it at EVO. We still play it a couple times a week here.
8 players, no trick stages, mad bomberman, no bonus.

The jungle trap and soccer field trciked out on these versions.
If anyone is any good let’s set something up.

I don’t remember, was there an option to play with no items/powerups?

Bomber Man Melee!

Final Destination.
No Power ups!
4 stock!
5 minutes!

Are you serious?

Hell yes, I’d love to play this.

Shit, I’d play this all through fucking evo.


Hello. I’m happy to see some people still play the game:woot: I’m not sure about what you guys mean with the powerups. You guys mean no bonus games right? where after a battle you get to pick a power up? If so then yeah, none of those. But boots, gloves, dinos, flame, speed, extra bombs, devil, and stage only default items such as p bomb in desert stage, the glow one on space, glove in ninja house etc, all there on default.
What we’ve been doing for the past couple years is allowing only 7 people at a time play with the bear on level 4 as the npc, so every stage has a chance to have a glove in it, since all stages have boots in them. Not sure how in depth we could discuss the resons for that strat online at the moment, but i’m open to any type or reasonable game config once we set up a group. If you guys mean no defualt items at all in the stages–if that is possible-- meaning like in the vids i posted when you blow something up there is never a chance to get an item, sure i’m down to try that. I tried to make a game like that right now and didn’t see that option. The closer we get to august i’ll give my info out. Let’s make it happen mad bomberman b point king style.

Hello. Just seeing what’s up with some SS B-man still during EVO. I’ll bring the saturn and some pads. Many drinks, we’ll have fun. Watch out for my Joey dismount off dinos, and hadoken on space stage. Bring a saturn controller if you can, and don’t stay in the corner.

I’m no good at Bomberman. But hell yes.

I’ll bring an extra controller and another Saturn just in case.

Anybody play Columns? Or up for Guardian Heroes?

Cool man. Would it be Ok to use your Saturn to play on? My friend changed his mind about going this year so now i got to bring my saturn, but my av socket is tricky and sometimes i got to pause in the middle of games to move the cable around. I’ll still bring the game and some sticks and 6 player plug in thingies though for sure!

No doubt. I’ve only got one controller (the round Nights one) and one joystick though. And I’ve got the old style RF switch and an S-video cable, so hopefully at least one of those will be cool.

I’ll bring another set of cables too then just in case.

Here’s a couple things about the game since i’m bored that maybe people forgot.
To hop off a dino push L and R buttons at the same time. Do this at the right time and there is a very small invinciblity window to dodge a bomb flame. But you need to be facing a wall while doing it so your character jumps up from the dino and lands back on it. If you do it not facing a wall or another bomb your player will hop off of the dino in a forward motion into a bomb flame and die.
To stop a bomb after you boot it push R button.
To pick up a bomb with glove, a bomb that has not yet been moved, push A to pick it up and or carry it, then A again to throw it. Here too is an even smaller invinciblity window at the start of the picking up the bomb animation.
Well ok a couple more days

I’m glad that there’s gonna be a Bomberman tournament at Evo. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make it. As far as Saturn Bomberman goes, I haven’t played that version in ages. Bomberman is my favorite game of all time (I consider myself good). From what I saw from the videos, I’m not a fan of the whole Revenge thing (throwing bombs in after your dead). Also not a fan of the kickstop feature. I think it takes less skill than actually timing your kick so the bomb blows up where you want.

I’ve also played Bomberman Live for XBOX 360 arcade. Although I haven’t been playing it as much as I used to. I kind of got bored with it. Many of the people use the same weak tactics on there as always. I talked about some of this in Hudson’s recent Bomberman Live article (seen here)

I use to playing Bomberman Online for PC (was released back on Japanese, Korean, & Tawianese servers back in 2001). I personally think that’s the best Bomberman (battle mode) of all. Everything was balanced, great competition, ect ect.

Here’s a video just to give you an idea of what the online play was like.

Nice vid man; looked intense. We tried playing the DC and a PS version i believe of Bomberman, but they weren’t as good as the sega saturn one. The revenge thing, or mad bomber it’s called, can suck sometimes. I play with two married couples, and when i kill one of them, who do you think get’s targeted first? But i have to say it has only increased my level of game play being able to out do people on the outside and inside. We’re not playing in those vids, i just pulled them to give an example. I like the randomness of blowing stuff up and randomly getting a random item, that forces you to have to work and think multipul ways. People who only rely on boots and gloves usually aren’t good at the game. But i also agree with your battle mode. But i know everyone would then pick the same stuff: boots, glove, and flame enhancements, speed too but it said it was on default max speed. That’s why i didn’t like 3rd strike; everyone having a parry and only being able to pick one super and your oppon. knowing which one it was i think weakened the SF gameplay. So why not make a stage that just has those items that becomes part of the rotation. But then it’s even, i don’t know, haha, i just like random with the random powerups and forcing foes to have to watch the whole screen or die in a fire… Well hopefully see you there. I’m down to play any versions or settings between the events. Also, is there anymore online bomberman games? PM please with info of if so or something.

As far as items go, I think the “True Test of Skill Items” include Fire Up, Max Fire, Bomb up, Punch and Kick. Glove is fine if it does not allow you to carry bombs around (like it does in Bomberman Live, Bomberman World, Super Bomberman 2, ect). That combined with the kick having a kick stop feature (pressing a button to sotp it) makes those weapons less skill oriented. In Bomberman Online PC (BMO) there was no such feature with kick and with the glove you could only pickup and immediately throw the bomb from where you stood. Other items like Dangerous bomb (square pattern bomb), Remote Detonator ect are just too lopsided to garnish any type of level play. I’ll also say that having equal speed also optimizes fairness. In BMO chaining was the key with precise timing. Here’s another video [media=youtube]ABeyvPIK0Hg"[/media]

I agree that Sega Bomberman is one of the better console Bomberman games. Bomberman World for PS1 was too broken. You could hold people indefinately with Power Glove or you use the Push powerup to hold people in place as they were about to die. That combined with kickstop ect made that game extra weak. I didn’t play the Dreamcast version that much. Only played it with a few friends and they got bored of playing.

You won’t see me there at Evo, not enough planning ahead, ect. The only version I play now once in awhile is Bomberman Live on 360 arcade (but don’t mind play the old ones though). BMO is now ran on a private server since Hudson doesn’t run it anymore (although I guess a new one is coming out). Way back in the day I use to play people online using Zsnes/zbattle with Super Bomberman. Too bad you don’t live in central Ohio though, would’ve loved to attend these weekly meetings of Bomberman.

Saturn Bomberman was pretty fun back in the day. I used to play on the Netlink (direct dial pvp).

Too bad EastX doesn’t go to EVO cause it’d be me & him > everyone else =)

EastX aka Bomberman on these forums.

I don’t have a controller, but I’ll play

If it’s the same EastX that I know (the same eastx that posts on other Bomberman forums like Hudsonent and/or XBL gamertag eastx), you’d be in for a rude awakening. :rofl:

I’m looking forward to it. :badboy:

Does anyone know about Death Tank Zwei? It was a hidden game on the Duke Nukem CD for SS. I think it beats Bomberman for best multiplayer game ever.

Everyone have like a pink bandanna hanging out of your back pocket so we know who all the Bomberman players are.

…or, like, don’t do that.

I got a very large head and lots of freckles.

Nikolai Beope Cap SNK2 pool H

Also, i’ll bring the game, four pads, madness cart, and a 6 player adapter.

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