EVO 2014 - Characters out of top 64 and top 128

No Seth, Dan, Oni, Abel, Dee Jay, Vega, Balrog and Hugo in EVO 2014 top 64.

Of those characters out of top 64, Seth, Dan, Hugo and Dee Jay aren’t also in EVO 2014 top 128, if I’m not mistaken; please, if I am, let me know.

So… maybe those characters need a bit of balance help?

Seth… Too much effort needed for few return
Give him Yoga Sniper/+50 Health/Improves his normals/Increase Stun or Damage/ Cancel into EX Tanden cost 1 bar

Only 1 tournament (no matter how big). Not really a strong indication of those characters strengths or weaknesses. I do think that some need help for sure, but it’s only 1 tournament.

Things like brackets, number of entrants that play that character, ect can play a big aspect. How many Dans do you really think were at evo to begin with? I doubt more than 2 people who truly main Dan at a competitive level entered.

The issue for certain characters(In many cases the weaker characters) is not only that they lack the players(They have mains, but not so many.), but also that they lack the really good players, who are able to place high at tournaments. Rufus for example is a much better character than Dan, but also has much more top players than Dan to place high at tournaments. This can be used to explain, why Dan isn´t in top 128. Things like “Strongest player of rare character x wasn´t at Evo 2014” can also explain certain character placements.

Plenty of Vegas there. Chris King, Zeus, Emersion, Noel, Jozhear, El Cubano…But noshow in top 64. In allegedly his strongest iteration.

Y’know what game needs changes? Something like KoF. MAYBE.

Year after year EX Iori (who I use) and Mr Karate and Chin are staples. That game has developed to show those characters are incredibly strong and others are under represented.

Even so, I wouldn’t want them ruined.

Ultra, though, has been out for about a blink, now.

Rose and Sagat obviously need nerfs, though. Geif, E.Ryu, Rufus, Ken and Juri, too, and Fei needs DOUBLE nerfs because he had two top eights!

Meanwhile, Yun needs buffs. No top 8’s.

There weren´t many Hakan´s at Evo, but one Hakan guy was in top 48 and placed better than Daigo. Should I feel happy about this?

People like Zeus, Emersion, Cubano Loco and even though I find him abysmally annoying, Jozhear all very good/solid players who unfortunately will always lose due to the innate weaknesses of a character that has shitty defense and can lose to someone who just says “fuck it, I don’t care, I’m just going to jump no matter how many times you anti-air me”.

From what I can tell Zeus lost to an Abel to get put into losers. Abel is basically the bane of Vega’s existence.

I think so, yeah!

Chris King made it out of his pools in Winners at least, but he got a pretty bum draw with Justin Wong right outside, then had Alex Myers in losers right after. Characters with air mobility/strong jumpins can give Vega so much trouble.

I would not be surprised if Misse was the only Makoto in the top256. but he finished top32 I think.
Haitani doesn’t count, he used Rufus all the way and failed horribly the one time he brought Makoto.

…so therefore it is safe to assume that this is the best version of SF4. Thank you Capcom for finally getting it right.

Not only that but the one tournament in question is the one tournament that most people said “I’ll just keep playing my AE main until after this event, then I’ll play my Ultra main”. I see no reason Abel won’t get much more representation a year from now.

I heard MLSwear made it a VERY close matchup against Tokido with his Hakan.

Rog is fine as is IMO. He is still strong this iteration, and I doubt this will be the norm.

So Decapre made it across? I know Mimochi was using her, didn’t catch every match so wasn’t sure if anyone else did.

I think I saw Nuckledu using Decapre. I know he used Guile mainly though… Anyway the details are fuzzy atm so I may just be wrong but I doubt it.

Hoodaman placed highest with pure Decapre.

Think there might be a reason for that? Anything you can think of that might make people reluctant to play him at a major international tournament? Anything at all?

Not at all surprised about Hugo. Winning with him is such an up hill battle. His bad match-ups are REALLY bad match ups.

I really hope to see some gdlk Hugo players overcoming the odds in the future, though!