Double Kara Zenpou Tenshin

Haven’t heard anyone mention this before or seen it in any vids, but with Genei-Jin activated you can get a lot more range with his command grab if you kara cancel similar to a kara palm. I’ve been practicing with this for awhile and know some setups to land it although it’s the most difficult GJ technique to execute and land perfectly because of range restrictions. It seems like a ridiculous technique but worth it because of what I can tell it has the greatest range of any kara cancelled normal/special throw in the game. To give you an idea, it’s range is slightly larger than makoto’s kara karakusa and Q’s b+strong kara throw. When executed correctly it looks like a lightning fast dash into his command grab.

What restricts this move is that if Yun’s strong punch connects, the command grab misses. You must be just barely out of range for the strong punch to wiff for the command grab to be able to connect. Of course with character specific standing and crouching hitboxes this range is not guaranteed. I’ve only been practicing on Ryu and Chun so far so it may not work on some other characters normally. Although it is guaranteed on the whole cast of what I can tell in situations such as wakeup where the strong punch will wiff just as they are rising, so it is an option vs anyone.

The command is similar to the kara palm in that you must first stick out a far standing strong, and cancel it into another normal, and then cancel the first few frames of the normal before it can connect into the zenpou tenshin. It seems random as to what normal I use to cancel into the command grab but I use the strong, short, and roundhouse buttons so I get variations of either cancelled st.short, cr.short, st.roundhouse, or cr.roundhouse(my fav). Of course it’s impossible to actually see which normal is cancelled. I just did tests in training mode with recording mode and pausing the playback in the middle of the technique to see which move was cancelled…even then it’s hard to capture those few frames. The range is going to be about the same depending on what normal you cancel since it’s just there to keep Yun in his maximum strong punch range before he goes into the command grab. I can’t fully explain the motion to land this move properly but a tip is to definently hold down strong punch to prevent a palm. Just play around with the timing of strong punch and half circle back with drummed kicks.

Question: Why would you even consider doing this? Isn’t that just a waste of meter? The timer’s gonna be nearly half gone before you even do a decent amount of damage.

Sounds pretty interesting, but difficult also. I don’t know you guys, but I’ll give it a try

I just ran through the character specifics and it seems that you can only land this in normal non wakeup/air reset situations on a small part of the cast, and they must be crouching. The good thing is it covers shotos, chun, and makoto…

If you don’t know anything about GJ command grab juggles you shouldn’t be saying anything here. But to answer you, you can land this pretty much directly after you activate and score nice damage. Even if you land a command grab with half bar left or less you can still do very nice damage and get more meter back than usual.

i use to kara in GJ

My bad, N8, I kinda read this thread half-asleep, and did a bad job of reading it too. I thought you were talking about doing a kara-grab, then ANOTHER kara-grab afterwards, basically flipping from one side and back.


Hmmm… I’m wondering if you can do a double kara-command grab with mp to cr.rh. If that’s possible, it’d be somewhat useful when activating GJ far away from your opponent. The only thing I can think of is that it sounds really risky. If you’re too close & the mp connects, the command grab will whiff. If you’re too far away, the command grab will whiff. In either case, it’s not pretty. Sounds interesting though.

lol it’s all good, I guess double kara zenpou is a bad name for it cuz it sound like you’re doing 2 command grabs.

Yea cr. roundhouse works and still gives the good ol’ whoooo! when you do it. I’m actually starting to think you get slightly more range if you land the kara mp to cr. roundhouse and st. short as those are his normal karas. On replays most of the successful ones were cr. rh/st.short. Still like you say it leaves a big disadvantage if you fuck up which is real easy to do.