DoM5 (Digital Ops Montly) - June 6th - Ann Arbor MI

June 6th, starting at noon.

Digital Ops
525 E Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Ops is a LAN center. It’s in a basement, and the entrance from the street is just a door. Look carefully and you’ll find it, there’s a sign.

You can find parking in a structure on Maynard street, less than a block away from the store. If you’re standing in front of ops you can see the parking structure straight ahead.

If that’s full up, the Downtown Library’s parking lot is also very close by. It has entrances on Division and on 5th. Just drive west from Ops and turn left on 5th, and you’ll see it on your left.

The best for last, this one is $2 all day:
There’s a street exit that comes out 2 doors down from Ops.

Featured Games
Street Fighter 4 is the only tournament that’s happening for sure. It’ll be on PS3 and Xbox, but PS3 is the default.

If enough people show up for another game I’ll run it. This includes TVC, Guilty Gear, HDR, or any other game. If you wanna play something other than those 3 please bring your own copy. If you let me know that you’re interested ahead of time I’ll edit this post to add a tournament. Unless people decide it’s best another way, each of these other tournaments will be $10 entry.

Free Side Tournament
Vampire Savior!
I’ll have it on emulator if nobody brings a console copy :slight_smile:

12:00 noon - Registration starts.
1:00 - SF4 2v2 ($10 per team)
3:00 - Money match time! Right after SF4 teams there will be time for Money Matches on the main TV. This way everyone can gather around and make side bets / cheer people on.
4:00 - Food break.
5:00 - Street Fighter 4 ($10 per person)

New Things at DoM5
Pizza. I’m gonna try working out getting us pizza (either cheap or free.) The baked goods that Ops sells will still be available, and i encourage people to support ops by buying some of those. Also, they’re delicious.

Everyone tell their friends from Ohio to get the fuck up here.

Rules and CASH
No game freezing glitches. No button macros. No turbo. No pausing.

If you have game-specific rules questions ask me.

There is a $5 venue fee that goes to the store. After that, each tournament costs $10 to enter, and that money goes directly into the tournament’s prize pool. For the team tournament it costs $5 per person to enter. Top team splits 70, second team splits 20 and third splits 10.

If a tournament has 6 or less players, 2nd place gets their entry fee back, and first gets the rest.

If there are 5 or less player’s it’ll be round robin. If a tournament has 6 or more it will be double elimination.

The Michigan Leaderboard rankings will be used to seed SF4.

Other Stuff
If you can bring a set up contact me and you may get your venue fee waived.

Ops sells drinks and baked goods, and there’s several food spots within close walking distance, including Potbelly’s, Jimmy John’s, Noodles and Co. and NYPD.

See you guys there!

i’ll be there.

derp, I’ll go

I’ll probably be there just a bit after 5:00, but I doubt the tournament will start on time anyway. Has anyone ever played Tao Taido? We should have a free Tao Taido tournament.


i’ll go :>

I’d only agree to this on the condition that only moves you have to charge up to use are allowed. nonsensically spazzing out FTW!

Nah son. Pick one console and stick to it none of this cross console nonsense. The timing difference is too ridiculous and EVO and every other serious tournament is being ran on PS3.

Btw, I’ll bring my laptop with IaMP for all you IaMPers out there.


i’m there

june 6th, right? the top of the post says may2nd.

ill try to make it to this one! i dont have a joystick though =(

Fuuuuuuuuck I have video game conference to go to, I can duck out of it and show up, its cool if I register a bit later,right? I don’t know how late, hopefully not to late.

LOL stop bein a xbox hater PL :stuck_out_tongue:

the only reason evo and the others use ps3 ONLY is because of some unwritten rule that sf should only be played on sony products…:confused:

anyways…im going to try and go…ill see what happens

Actually it’s because PS3 has good converters and 360 doesn’t. That’s a big deal when a lot of the scene uses PS2 sticks.

Trust me, if it weren’t for the converters, they’d be all over the 360 since it’s cheaper and they already got a bunch when they had DOA4 a couple years back.

The Alucard will be in attendance!!!

Yea, until sum douche bag moves ur xbox and fuck up ur Sf4 disk… happen to Arron TWICE already…

Unfortunately I don’t have a billion people donating PS3’s for the tournament, so both it is. Ps3 is the default, like I said, so if it means so much to you than you don’t have to play on xbox.


There is no timing difference. I can go between PS3 and 360 with no problems.

Aaron, just make sure someone brings another 360 stick since no one will want to use mine.

I’m not getting peaced out this time, I got some new tricks up my sleeve.

I’ll be there.

I’ve been out of the loop for over a month, see you guys soon.

Oh, that’s some ominous shit :slight_smile:

I’m not sleeping on the job either, so we’ll see what happens.

Yeah I’m working, and won’t be able to get to A2 in time for SF4. I need a few weeks more notice for this shit :stuck_out_tongue: