Do people have access to Trials in the retail release of USF4?

I’m a player who downloaded the digital release. I was hoping since the retail release came out we’d be able to get trials to test out for the new characters.

I literally just checked, keeps saying trials aren’t compatible in USF4 and reverts to the previous version i had before downloading the digital. Did Capcom simply forget about this?

They never released the Ultra trials, we haven’t heard any updates about it from CapCom for ages, nobody is happy with how it’s being treated.

They aren’t even on the retail version of the game either. Right now I don’t think we are getting anything.

that’s odd. every other version of SFIV had trials. Starting to wonder if i should get in line to ask Capcom about this.

AE didn’t.

It’s disappointing that they haven’t updated the trials since Super. That would be a nice mod project.

KingBlackToof ( the one who made the USF4 PC mod ) already made new trials for Gouken ( his main character ) and Hugo.
He’s working on a project to create new trials for everyone, but it’s kinda challenging to do it for Yun Yang Oni Evil ryu Elena Hugo Decapre Rolento Poison for complicated reasons.

That’s cool that he did that, but what teh fuck capcom.