Disappoint me... and I'll murder you - Juri Forum Guide (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

I’ve navigated through a handful of the threads created in this sub-forum, and found that a lot of them are redundant and unnecessary; the Juri forums needs some serious organization (before things get too messy). So, in order to fix this problem, I’m opening this thread with the intention of helping direct current and new Juri players towards where they need to go to find answers or post specific questions.

And please… no more “Dive kicks > Ultra” threads.

Juri Frame Data from SRK Wiki:

The Juri Match-Up/Strategy Thread:
Check/Post anything regarding strategies for Juri’s match-ups here.

The Juri Combo Thread:
Anything combo related goes here. Don’t know what Juri’s BnB’s are? Want to learn useful combos with FSE (Ultra I)? Found a new combo you wish to discuss? This is the place to go.

The Juri Video Thread:
Any and all Juri related videos go here. They can be videos of you playing casuals against your friends, tournament videos, combo videos, trailers, etc. It doesn’t matter. This is the place to check/post. You can also discuss videos posted by others here as well.

The Juri Find-A-Friend Thread:
Look here to find aspiring Juri players to play against online.

The Q&A/General Discussion Thread:
Everything else not covered in the above threads should be posted here. Ask any questions you have of Juri or anything else for that matter. It also serves as a General discussion thread so post anything you want here.

Updated The Juri Tutorial Guide (Thanks to Killey)
A tutorial guide to help beginners (and intermediate players) who wish to learn the finer details of Juri.

That should do it. Please use these well organized threads to help find information you’re looking for. And unless you’re very sure that what you want to post doesn’t fall under any one of these categories, don’t open up a new thread (chances are what you want to post doesn’t warrant a new thread).

Well, enjoy.

it should also be stated that the search function at the top is extremely useful for finding specific things in long threads

What if you can’t find the search function? What then?

If you need help or a question answered, ask in the Q&A thread.

google the search function by pressing the wifi button on your cpu :razzy:

should probably mention that there are threads cropping up that could just as easily be put in the Q/A section as replies. Despite that though the Juri’s Kara throw thread is actually much appreciated as it’s become a sort of discussion of its own.

So I guess then, if you think your question warrants serious exploration (enough for a separate discussion) and there isn’t a thread for it already, make a thread.

Any chance someone can clean up the Juri forums. It’s really hard to organize any information here when a lot of people are posting random topics or unrelated posts in the discussion thread. I’m trying to sift through the pages to find relevant information and it’s becoming a real hassle when we have random/misc. posts going on. I mean how many times do we need a thread for dive kick into Ultra 2?

Nice impressive Juri forums learning a lot.