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My hidden notepad
Today is the day that injustice officially dropped, April 16th and I’m looking for a place to write down my notes.
I come from a pure SF backround and the terminology that Mortal Kombat players are apt to use is not up my alley. I don’t want to post information there as I do not like to talk about combos and or the game in general using their terms and thus I’d prefer to avoid confrontation b simply writing my own ideas here by myself and refer to testyourmight solely for questions.

I know it seems strange that i’d go to such lengths all because of something as seemingly trivial as terminology but past experiences with KoF has taught me that a video game itself or rather the community surrounding a particular game holds its terms and style very dearly and do not take kindly to ‘foreigner’ waltzing in and changing things, so I shall respect them and keep to myself.

Anyway, where do I begin… My character of choice is Doomsday now…

Because of my street fighter backround I’ve developed the habit to approach any character in anygame by asking the question of, ‘How does this person get knock downs, and what are the potential setups!’

The main meaty normal that I’ve come to look for opportunities for is one of Doom’s Command Overhead, Back+X
Back+X is a cancellable overhead which is nice while at the same time being +10 on block which is GREAT for tick throws (Injustice is on the whole a slower game than SF… Throws typically come out in 10 frames making back+x a perfect fit).

There are other options which I’ll lay out however I just wanted to make clear exactly what I thought was the best options and the reason why.

Cancellable strings

XX: 5%
XY: 5%
YY: 6%
YZ: 6%

Note* YZ moves Doom farther forward than the other strings and because of that will be the main combo string.[/details]

String Extentions Knock down mix-ups


I’m not sure as to whether or not certain characters have different wake up timing or not
given that, all meaty set-ups off of knock downs are tested on deathstroke as to whether not they hit him out of his sword flip reversal so use at your own risk.

3 out of 4 of Dooms 3 button strings follow this patter
High/Mid/Overhead and they each present a hard knock down which post pressure is sometimes possible.

  1. XXY, +23 frames NOT cancellable

If a meaty overhead is possible it is very very difficult.
Doing one dash afterwards is safe
It is an unsafe but viable option to do a meaty charriat tackle right after so long as their reversal of choice (if they do one) does not have invincibility frames.

2)XYZ, The Magic Series, NOT cancellable however yields a small ground bounce which Doom can Combo immediately after

From mid screen Doom can combo into
Ultra 41%
Charriot Tackle and then into EX charriot Tackle
(Great to put the opponent in the corner)

[spoiler= XYZ in the corner]Once in the corner XYZ becomes a very strong option. Where before it’s follow ups mid screen were strong, the combo potential in the corner is MASSIVE. He gets the opportunity to extend his combos with heavy normals and end with specials which he otherwise wouldn’t. To begin we have to consider a command normal which we haven’t spoken of first,

'Down+Mp: a mini DPesk motion, which launches the opponent into the air for more combo potential

Using the mini ground bounce after XYZ in the corner is an opportunity to use down+mp juggle for combo extention.
After a down+mp I found that it’s best to follow up the launcher with a close HP which then one ought to cancel into his specials, the damage yield is the following

in the corner
XYZ, Down+Mp… Hp xx

Tackle/Ex… 24%/29%
Dp/Ex Fdive 24%/27%
Supernova/Ex 26%/27%
Air Throw/Ex 26%/29% (very bad choice because of the side switch)
Ground Smash: 26%

EX Ground Smash; A very special case as it gives yet ANOTHER ground bounce launcher which then gives yet ANOTHER opportunity for combos.
After Ex Ground smash I found the best follow up at this point is to juggle with another close Hp and cancel into another special.

Ex Ground Smash, Close Hp xx

Tackle/Ex… 30%/33%
Dp/Ex Dp… 30%/32%
SupNova/Ex 31%/32%
Air Throw/Ex 31%/34% (Side Switches, very bad option)
Ground Smash: 32%

(A player cannot execute 2 Ex ground smashes in one combo, the game will not let the move come out!)

So… All this information laid out before you, if you’re managed to comprehend everything then you’ve realized that half of in this information is irrelvant!
As doom if you land XYZ in the corner and you have ONE bar it is undebatably better to use the EX ground bounce extenders, as the NORMAL special follow up yeilds an aggregate great damage output than not using the ex ground pound and instead cancelling into another special and using it’s ex follow up

XYZ, down+mp, Close Hp xx Ex Ground Pound, Close fierce xx Ground Pound = Best Option, 2nd highest damage with a great UKD for post combo mix-ups

  1. YY (X+Z)
    Very remeniscent to Abel’s Change of Direction from SF4
    The final X+Z is a true command grab which is unjumpable in this game. The block stun after the second Y is not enough to make the subsequent X+Z a true block string therefore it could potentially be beaten ought with a mashed jab!

It can combo as an air-combo which is nice
and the knock down is full screen leaving Doom with a very small Frame advantage, Great opportunity to use DOOM ARMOR!

4)Y Z, Down+X
The final punch is an overhead, it is cancellable if you wish
It gives a smaller mini ground bounce similar to XYZ
it can be used in the same long corner combo as XYZ

more importantly, the knock down in itself
After the knock down Doom can Dash once and then do a meaty Back+X overhead, the timing is pretty liberal

  1. Back+Y, Z X
    The chain that doesn’t seem to be as important as the other string, yet it has the most to talk about…


Similar to Down+Mp, Back+MK offers a mini ground bounce, however rather than being able to direclty link into specials like down+mp, back+mk gives the option to juggle with a crlp which THEN can be cancelled into specials including Ultra! the only exception is super nova and that is only mid screen… Tackle/Ultra ought to be the main tools because the first takes the opponent toward the corner and Ultra does damage! (Much less damage than you’d think, 31% compared to Ex Tackle follow up which would be 23%, Ultra ought not to be used often unless it kills)

The overhead portion is Cancellable which is always nice, cancelling into ground smash seems to be a really strong technique! (Ex Will NOT work for some odd reason)

The final X kick’s knockdown lets Doom dash forward and do a meaty back+X overhead
it is also cancellable into specials/Ultra[/details]

[spoiler= Specials/Knockdown Ok]
If Deathstroke roll techs + wakes up spin sword (Not all specials are techable)

Doing a single dash seems to be the ONLY safe option,
all subsequent normals seem to lose everytime.

However, after tackle, Doom can perform ANOTHER tackle and have it hit meaty, they’re safe on block anyway

Ex Tackle
Far Less frame advantage, even a dash will get punished!

Single Dash!
A subsequent crouching lp works but it is extremely TIGHT

Less Frame Advantage, a single dash will get punished

Ground Pound
Single Dash

Air Throw
Dash once, meaty Medium punch

Ex Air throw
Dash once, meaty back+lp

I think you gotta contact a Mod to do so.