CTF Marvel Tourney NY,NY 03/28/09

Sup people, it’s been a while n i know u og marvel players out there want this so im goin to throw one. I west the waters out n c wat the attendance is for da tourney…if its decent i may continue doin these tourneys o a more regular basis.

Date - 03/28/09
Place - Chinatown Fair
Time - 5:30
Rulez - I think we all know these rules
Entry - $5

If u guys have any questions, u can im/pm me…if ur not sure about the rules or how to get there…just hit me up, i’ll b happy to help u out.

Just a heads up, you’re holding this at the same exact time as the 3S and SF4 tournies are going on, there may not be as many people attending if you leave it 5:30

oh wow…well im entering both those tournaments also…i like gambles… lets c how it goes

im in there to support gary throwing a tourney not for this game.

n dats why u my nigga…dats wat im talkin about:rock:

I"m in there, but i’m going to the PNT tourney 1st.

yeah im goin to it also


Good shit Gary… I’ll see you at PnT and From there I’m seeing some Free Money :slight_smile:

Im in theree like swimwearrrr!

this still goin down? Im headed there now… damn I hate takin the train now :shake: … lolz