Couple Of Twelve Questions

1.Can you turtle with 12? Or should you just stick to being random?

2.Is airdashing a good way to get out of corners?

  1. What can you do when your opponent anti-airs you nearly every time you attempt to airdash?

  2. Is EX A.X.E a good wake-up move?

  1. Yes. All the time. Run away when you can, turtle the fuck up if you get caught. Blocking is pretty much your best option most of the time. Trading is never, ever, ever in your favour.

  2. Rarely, as it’s usually pretty obvious, and there’s nothing you can do (parry/block) once you do get out. EX Dive is usually much safer.

  3. Stop air-dashing

  4. NO


One more question TB, is walking under fireballs a good idea?

Sure why not, as long as the other guy isn’t jumping/dashing up to you.

I’m big on EX Dives myself. If you have them in the corner mix up low moves, uoh, and low jump EX dives.

I’d say do whatever you want, just make sure not to get predictable or unnecessarily risky. Twelve isn’t like Ken, you don’t have a rule for when to do everything. You have to just figure something new out for every match.

I wouldn’t walk under any fireballs if it brings you into poking range, solely because you might have to try and block while the fireball is still too close, and then you might get dragged into the fireball when you go into blocking animation.


I usualy go under fireballs , but always moving backward … You have more time to decide if you’ll try to parry , or maybe if you’ll get hit to counter after (this option works with me sometimes …) …

Is superjump into D.R.A a good move to get outta the corner?

I’d say there’s too much recovery. Use the EX version…and if that’s not available, superjump into air-dash.

I just noticed that throwing out random Standing RH messes people up so much…fun stuff.

I take it you haven’t played any Chun-Lis yet?

I think I’m the only person who plays Chun in my arcade so I really don’t have anything to worry about…

I’m pretty beginner, but fireballs go right over you when you use the groundy-spikey attack, i think it’s qcf+p…? i forget how to do it.

1.) Twelve can rush so fast, why turtle? :sad:
2.) To get out of corners I usually air dash, but now I’m starting to use the dives. It’s much safer :tup:
3.) Air dash -> Axe and standing fierce when they miss you :badboy: Either that or you can air dash -> Dive (timed right it’ll hit them/trade, but time it wrong and you’ll get a fist up your nose.) (I dunno how it happened, but I knocked Ken out of Shinryuken with a super jump Dive (was meant to be a run away from a corner but he super’d and got crossed up. :tup:)
4.) Nope, jab Axe is good sometimes, but not if you’re too predictable :xeye:

Timing is a bit weird on that one T.T; But yes, it works. As the fireball gets near you just :qcf: :p: and it’ll pass over you, unless it’s a slow fireball, which then you’re screwed.

Or people who can jump.

I’m beginning to hate s.HP as anti-air. Psychic AA is ok (for what he’s got) I guess, but for hitting them on the way down, if they parry it, I eat big fat combo. :frowning:

d.MP looks like AA, but damn, I can never get it to work… if they attack, it loses.

Well I meant standing fierce for when they miss you with a SRK because you stopped the air dash with axe during dash. Something like this:

Jump back -> Air Dash -> Expect SRK and AXE to stop the air dash -> When they whiff the (usually) Fierce SRK -> Standing Fierce

I’m feeling pretty comfortable with Twelve as of now, and I’ll be testing out how his taunt works if whored on XBL. :badboy:

I’m starting to use s.lp as AA because you can cancel it into A.X.E. I believe you can cancel into A.X.E. too.

Maybe airdash into early Roundhouse to get you grounded fast to mix it up.

Not really a question but an observation I found out yesterday while playing. I haven’t seen any mention of it on the forums anywhere…

IAD fierce and RH don’t build meter at all. I’ve recently started doing… almost instant airdash fierce / RH…

never knew that, probably has to do with the fact you don’t have enough time for the animation to finish.