Cool stuff for sale! 4,000 Microsoft Points!

I will be filling this thread with misc. gaming stuff I have laying around for sale in order to scrape up some extra cash.

All payments to be made via Paypal. Shipping only in the 48 states!

------------------------------------------Available Now!-------------------------------------------

4,000 points microsoft card for Xbox360. Asking 43$ (Would trade for a 50$ PSN card! Equal value!)

----------------------------------------------Sold Items-----------------------------------------------
Madcatz EVO Fightstick Pro Xbox360 Ver. Played with once ever! New! 137$ Shipped!SOLD

Hori Fighting Edge Xbox 360. 185$ Shipped. SOLD

Hori Fighting Edge PS3. 185$ Shipped.SOLD!

Persona 4 Arena for PS3 (with bonus soundtrack!) Brand New. 55$ shipped.SOLD!

Madcatz EVO Fightstick Pro PS3 Ver. Brand New! 140$ shipped.SOLD!

Madcatz EVO Fightstick Pro! Xbox360 Ver. Brand New! 140$ shipped.SOLD!

Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits Arcade Stick. Playstation 3 Model. Brand new! 120$ Shipped.Sold!

Playstation 3 160 gig slim! Brand New! 205$ Shipped! SOLD

Madcatz EVO Fightstick Pro PS3 Ver. Brand New! 130$ Shipped! SOLD

Bump! Added a Qanba stick!


Viewlix. First 2 buttons lower other 6 buttons higher.

Awesome and trusted seller here guys, ive made multiple purchases off him so help him out!

Price drop on the Qanba!

Qanba stick sold!

Adding some EVO TE sticks and Persona 4!

I want the 360 EVO stick…but I don’t.

pm’d about 360 Evo Stick

Payment pending on the 360 Evo stick. PS3 Evo stick still fully available!

360 EVO stick sold!

Hrmm persona is tempting since I planned on picking it up this weekend, but I dont wanna have to wait for it >.> lol

Is the PS3 EVO stick a Fightstick Pro?

Persona 4 Arena Sold!*

And no the PS3 EVO stick is not a Fightstick Pro, it is the TE stick model.


Ahh actually im wrong! Gave it a second look, and it is indeed a fightstick pro! Evo stick!

ps3 evo stick on hold! payment is pending!

Payment sent. Thanks.

Evo ps3 stick sold!

Adding new items! Check op!