Cody Resets

Well since I come from the Guy forums and I secondary Cody. Everyone now should Guy has some nice resets in the corner, and I know Cody has reset ability after a few moves, most notable is EX Ruffian, and in the corner EX Rocks poses as one.

So does Cody have any other tools for resets, what normals would will connect and is it possible to dash under for a mix up.

hmm Occasionally I use after a hk ruffian fadc in the corner into a cross up. I guess you can call that a reset. Nothing like guy’s reset mixups but it still works.

witouth meter u can only reset after a air rock hit (most likel corner only) or after a focus crumbe rock hit.

Good to know, every little thing does help especially, plus since Cody stuns pretty easily resets would be pretty ideal to shoot for.

what do you reset from a rock? hk ruffian corner?, c.hp xx HK Ruffian FADC f+mp
EX Zonk FADC f+mp

Both of these can cross-under in the corner.

Focus, wait, cr. jab, dash under. There’s your reset!

There is a nice reset against Vega
(corner)HK Ruffian FADC f+mp you cross-under after the slide.

it works also on other characters but the timing is stricter.

hk ruffian fadc f+mp is the only one I know of and I never use it. It’s not like Cody has very good mix up. If they downback after the reset they’ll just block everything at most you’ll get a throw or an overhead. I just go for the mk ruffian.

In the corner yeah you can dash under but spending 2 meters to possibly end up putting yourself in the corner is pretty dumb. Not worth it.

i agree w/kelter… cody isnt a very reset-y char imo
f+mp is his only resetting hit, right? works too?.. cant remember

anyway, spaced properly you can also f+mp after an antiair focus attack … but theres much better followups than reset in that scenario :wonder:

Putting yourself in the corner with Cody is the dumbest thing you could ever do. If you honestly think a cross up is going to mix them up that much then you probably don’t know what a frame trap is and shouldn’t be playing Cody.

that’s my opinion and it’s somewhat off topic. sorry.

I’d agree, if I fight someone who’s not consistent at blocking cross ups or doesn’t understand it I’ll do the corner reset with f+mp for giggles. Other than that I say go for max damage, whenever I do attempt it and it gets block I just wanna smack myself in the head for trapping myself in the corner.

i was just fooling around in the training room and did it by accident. i´m not that good and thought to throw it out there to get a opinion of a more experienced player.
i see what you are saying but i thought this reset could be useful because it´s not that obvious compared to the pure f+mp one.
So then let´s forget it. :slight_smile: