Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Thanks @jonyfraze!

It’s all running on a single 5v line to UFB and Arduino.

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you really stepped up the game, the bar is too high now!

Thanks for the kind words @Voodin!

It was over a year long project, so if anything, it probably set the bar on how long it actually took to finish. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m actually glad I maxed out the overhead, because I would have gone on forever if I didn’t run out of memory.

I have a few more demo videos to do, just taking a break to gear up for the next set.


I’m looking for a well-made wooden case for a secondary hitbox I’m making. I’m not interested in foehammer, and price is not too much of an issue. If anyone has any recommendations or can point me in the right direction, please @ me or DM me. I’ll be posting the finished product in this thread when I’m done. In the meantime, here’s my blast city inspired panzer!


sent you a message about the one on the right made out of curly maple.

it’s not exactly an arcade stick, but it’s a fightpad :smile:

My custom Injustice 2 fightstick. I had this made out of an injustice 1 fightstick. I didn’t like the flimsy loose Japanese joystick that came in the original one. (No offense). I Took the guts out of it, and put them in a wooden housing. Happ Competition Joystick with an american button layout. I kept the original buttons because they had the led’s Built in. Also there’s a Backlit marquee! If injustice 2 had an arcade cabinet this is what it would look like.

I have a guy here local in SoCal who can make and fabricate you a housing. He can make your idea come to life.

I’m gonna take another injustice stick and make it into a custom chun Li one. American style with an IL magnetic joystick. Since I’m an American arcade player I always liked the American style joysticks. Check out my little quick explanation video. Injustice 2 Fight Stick - YouTube


russian photo host


Doesn’t the completely non-ergonomic button placement bother you?

Nope. Perfect for me


Maybe his fingers are all the same length…


Lol not quite. But I do have large hands. I like the spacing on the American layout. Plus that’s how I’m used to playing in the arcade. Sheesh u guys are brutal. Just trying to share my creation.


I’m getting really tired of people poking fun at the Straight-6/8 layout. Yes, it’s not the most ergonomic layout on the planet. However, a lot of us (at least in the West) grew up using it. If someone is comfortable using that layout to body your ass, then that’s all that matters


It’s still more ergonomic than Vewlix, somehow

Even with Japanese style layouts my fingers still are all over the place lol. It’s all personal preference. It’s not like he is playing DBFZ with the MK layout lol

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great case design and theme but yea the traditional American layout always looked so awkward lol…like you’d have to play with a clawed hand or something…case and lighting is on point though. I like the T-moulding like the old cabs.

Thanks. But yeah I like American Joysticks too. Happ Competition. The ball tops are too loose and sensitive for me. I need that responsiveness from the happ. I’m gonna be posting more American sticks soon. I’m currently modding my SF 15th anniversary stick. Triple mod. Brooks UFB X Mc Cthulu X Kaimana Mini Led light board. Can’t wait til it’s done.


I have an MK Stick too that I use for mkx



Yeah I got the tournament edition one that came with MK9. I just tightened the buttons on it. Taking that shielding off in the back of the panel sucks x.x I need to get a Ps3 to XBONE Brook to play my copy of MKX and some other games with my Madcatz SE Ps3 Edition.

From experimenting with my Ultra Ulia case I need to stop procrastinating and finish up, Sega Astro is definately the one true way and people should make commercial Astro sticks again

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What’s an Astro stick?