Cheaper dual mod then a cthulhu

this controller as a home funtion

how about you buy one, show us pictures of the board, and tell us how well it works first?

Common ground?

'Til someone lets us know, ill just stick with the cthulu.

wasn’t there a firmware update that stopped cloned/pirated controllers from working?

i even got old pc controllers working on my ps3

i even got old pc controllers working on my ps3

i bought one i will try it and i will reply

Cheaper? If you can’t afford a cthulhu with the allowance money your momma gives you, it’s time to get a job son!

chipping to europe is expensive

chipping to europe is expensive

controller arrived to day and it works with ps2 games no i have to check if it is common grounded

any picutres?

It looks like a fake PS3 Controller. When it’s wired, it works with ps3 games, hence they state it’s for wired use only… pictures of the board… or at least the fake one I got.

I’m pretty sure its common line, not common ground just like the sixaxis. Take a multimeter and check the continuity between the common line for the dpad and the common line of the x,circle,triangle,square buttons to make sure.

So does it work wireless or not? Why would there be a lithium ion cell in it if it wasn’t wireless? This is strange.

That battery charges up, but there was a big thing about Sony requiring a firmware update. The new firmware locked out the fake ps3 controllers such as this model no. cechzc2u. It does NOT connect wireless at all unless you have previous firmware and playing older PS1/2 games. After testing it further, when it’s wired up, the controller responded to ps3 games. I used it to play puzzle fighter hd remix. That’s a ps3 game correct?

Well the battery is only good for a source of power for the LEDs now…