Chaos in CT Results - Jester's Arcade (Capcom vs. SNK 2) 3/28/03

Belated Jester’s Arcade Results

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. James “Vice 0wns j00” Austin
  2. Phil “I only play this on Friday’s” Burnell
  3. Josh “Mashing is fundamental” Jodoin
  4. Tony “$!@*!# game” Burnhill
  5. Chris “Psycho Bahn” Brockington
  6. Jaime “This is how we do it in Danbury!” m0rbid
  7. Danny “RC’ing Weeman” Cordock
  8. Andrew “Dru got paid” Atanacio
  9. Kevin “Eh?” Smith

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Uh…DSP peaced out the results, but I recall Kevin winning IIRC for first and Tony got second. (Upset? Heh)

Moral of the story: Don’t give DSP tourney results. Bahn needs more seats for guests!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty fun event which actually for once was NOT hosted at the usual stompin grounds. Hm, next time we’ll throw down with some pizza and drinks.

Hope to see the usual CT, Bridgeport and Danbury ppl (uh, well Jaime at least…heh, good to see ya make the trek up here) showing up this Friday (yes, you too Phil - damn your Bison). Oh, try and come a lil early too - maybe we’ll get more of those “Captain Chairs” that Dru and co. wanted to take… :lol:

Same location next week. I’ll be waiting up for all of you to show around the usual time. Till then…

I didn’t post results because

  1. CvS2 didn’t actually finish so those results aren’t correct, only speculation, and
  2. MvC2 meant nothing since everybody who lost on that Agetec got robbed. We need two MAS or SAV sticks to play on that, that are equal, or else somebody always gets the advantage.

This week lets scrap A3, make CvS2 single round, and then have time for ST and GGXX.

Hm. How about we not make CVS2 single round? (especially since turnout is low enough as it is).

We had time to play A3 because MVC2 was the only game left, a few of the players bounced - how can you expect to have a serious tourney for those games (unless it’s simply just a “fun” match" event). You expressed one or two valid reasons, but even then - what’s the point in holding other events if you aren’t going to post the results regardless. It was pointless for you to take them from James in the first place, don’t you think?

If everyone (myself included which will be addressed within the next few weeks) had their own MAS sticks, issues with AGETEC wouldn’t be brought up. It’s not anyone’s personal fault, BYOS should be in place. Simple, problem solved.

Most importantly…if players arrive at a reasonable time, we can start “on time”, and thus have the ability to run other games. I found my VGA adapter, so there’s still an alternate source to slap you around in A3 and 3s even if GGXX and ST are in place. :wink:

See ya then…

Lol I don’t want to be a dick but to point out a few flaws here…

-I didn’t mean have ST and GGXX tournies, just casual play. Not enough serious players to have tourneis in those games, but casual would be fun enough. I know for a fact that a few people were waiting for the tournies to end so we could play these games, and it never happened.
-I didn’t “take” the results from anyone, they were forced on me because I posted up results from my own memory last week, and they liked how I did it. I don’t approve of posting up results of tournies that don’t finish or have blatant control problems, however, because they mean nothing.
-I don’t own a DC. I just recently got a PS2. Investing in a MAS stick is a waste of money for me. I did not plan on coming to your house to play MvC2; I thought there would be a tourney at Jesters on an arcade cabinet as always. How could I have known that I needed to bring a stick??? AHA thought so lol.
-People can’t arrive at a reasonable time when nobody knew we were going to your house in the first place. Kevin doesn’t get out of work until almost 5 and he’s our ride up there, so unless you want to have the tourney with 3-4 less players then I dunno what we can do about that.
-Nobodys gonna spank me up in anything besides GGXX, which I haven’t ever played vs. somebody who knew what they were doing, yet. Heh heh.

Ah. That’s what I thought. Ya that’s cool. I have the VGA adapter so I can hook up something to my PC when I am not surfing anymore. James will cheat in GGXX and Josh will MASH! Anyways, all ya guys had to do was ask. I would’ve made accomodations. Like I said, I have the VGA adapter in tow now. I will shift to gears. Later on, I’ll get another small TV set cuz I hate Josh’s set. lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. so I should be yelling at James…post them anyways and make fun of them in the future.

Ok. well that’s true. but now you know…bring your stick :slight_smile:

Ya. I know. It was hella spontaneous. And hey - you got spanked in A3 (don’t front - even though your Bison had some play. it was fun!!!). Still got slapped sans any major Chun appearances. Anyways, we can wait until you guys arrive, or you can just come straight to the house. PM me for my cell number if you need help getting back to where I am at. Chances are we will wait on ya before bouncing, it wouldn’t start w/o ya though :slight_smile:

but mashing is so much fun!

Shure guy…in MVC2 against Magnetic Tempest :wink:

I DONT MASH!!! I only mash against or during a multiple hit throw, tech hitting and occasional blanka electricity for chip. If its mvc2 its a diffrent story… :smiley:

y00 |/|45h ur cust0|/|5. :stuck_out_tongue: