(Capsule Entertainment) REGION RUMBLE ~ April 28th

Cvs2 will be on 2 ps2 setups. Haikuwar, do u have a stick?

No :(. I have my friends DC green goblins and I can get a converter but the goblins aren’t holding together well.

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When do you think this will be over? Think it will still be going at 8:00 PM? I need to do some filming for a project and want to do it when there are people there.

Also, I notice no one in this thread has registered for Evo 2012. What the fuck Nor Cal?

Usually ends around 11PM-12AM. And sorry, I don’t play any of the new games :[ Maybe when TTT2 hits I’ll enter.

Cvs2 tourney will be held in the arcade area…I think.

Yes arcade area where TNT is held.

CVS2 results 1) Crack 2) Lionx 3) Grits N’ Gravy

Lmao, GritsnGravy