Can't Decide - AIB or Madcatz TE?

Right now I’m using a Hori EX2 stick and it’s been okay until recently. Buttons are starting to get worn and I don’t want to wait until one or more are completely non-functional before I get a replacement. I was going to buy the real arcade pro stick for 360 until I found out it got pushed back until February.

I’ve narrowed my choices down:

  1. Get an AIB now which will cost me about $200 for a slim arcade w/sanwa joystick and buttons. Unfortunately, it looks like it would take 6 weeks or more to receive it based on the “DELAYS” message on their homepage.

  2. Pre-order that Madcatz TE stick that doesn’t come out until the end of February. Despite the good things I have read about this stick I just wonder how good it can be compared to a AIB.

If the Arcade-in-a-Box came stock with sanwa parts at $150 I wouldn’t hesitate to order one immediately but do you think the extra $50 is worth it or should I just wait for the Madcatz offering? Since the release of SF HDR I’ve been playing pretty steadily so I want a good stick for the long term. It’s also important to note that I have no experience doing custom mods (no solder tools). Being able to replace buttons with quick disconnects would be nice if I ever needed to.

What should I choose? Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated.

AIB is pretty much a custom stick. If I were you I would check out the trading outlet to see if anyone is selling a 360 custom stick in your price range. If thats not your bag of tea, I believe you will be doomed to waiting.

I’d go with waiting for the TE stick.

Here’s another thing to consider…

Do you want a wooden case or an ABS plastic case?

I cant believe the question.

AIB by far is a million times better than anything MadCat could ever do.

just spend the money for a custom stick from one of the many builders here :smiley:

I agree to an extent… Gotta love the Mad Catz PCB inside the AIAB stick though, right?

well i would go with the SF4 TE stick just because AIB is a lot more expensive, but you should be asking yourself if you want a custom stick from somebody or a factory made one.

I have an Arcade in a Box with full sanwa parts and I still ordered a TE stick from madcatz. I ordered a real arcade before which works well on my coffee table but another stick to pack along to a friends house or play on my lap would be nice too. Arcade in a box makes a very nice stick thou and I have no complaints about the quality of the build at all just that coming back from Japan recently playing on a taito layout feels better than my current setup does- its subtle but its there. Anyways I guess what I’m saying is that you should be fine either way its just a matter of making a decision- go for broke!!

Is the Arcade in a box worth the extra $50 compared to the madcatz TE? That’s really the million dollar question. Tim Static seems to think so based on what he said in his post but I’m unsure.

lol, good point :wonder:

Yes. I grew up playing on a cab, and these sticks feel like they were taken right off a cabinet.

MadCatz has a bad track record with some of their products, so to autmatically throw $140 there way for a stick might not be a wise choice. $200+ for an AIB stick is well worth its weight in gold.:wgrin:

ive seen some HRAP2:SAs go for 100 bucks on ebay. throw a 360 pcb in there for 50 and you have a high quality stick for 150 bucks.