Can taking certain supplements (legal) improve your fighting game skills?

Well duhh: fish oil comes from fish, and traditional Chinese medicine comes from traditional Chinese people.

Supplement Industry Defense Force, please go.

I won’t go into detail, but yes there are drugs that people can (and do) take that have beneficial effects which can effect their play. Mostly on the spectrum of awareness, sense of time, feelings of stress, and reaction time. Most are prescription psychiatric medications, some of which also have recreational usage. There is currently no policing of drug usage and videogame competition, but once there’s enough money involved and a scandal or two set a precedent, it may become a reality that we will have to police and worry about.

I’ve played a number of people whose play drastically improves when they’re on meds, or at ‘just the right’ level of intoxication from drinking/recreational drugs/hopped up on absurd levels of caffiene.

A small part of me is ashamed im not a good drunk player. Its like Im pressing through thick styrofoam to press buttons after 5 beers.

I play better drunk.


The basic answer to this thread title whether you believe in any particular supplement or not is YES. Certain supplements can help because certain food or nutrient items can perform positive functions.

Caffeine is a supplement and it works as a short term heightened reflex drug. Nuts and fruit have the same effect but less obvious and longer lasting. Just think about and research brain food. Carbs can slow you down and put you in a sleepy state whereas lean protein, light/raw fruit and veg, nuts, fish, certain teas, ginger etc etc can help. Any supplement with the right ingredients for the functions you want can potentially work. Doesn’t matter whether it’s natural chinese or the most american pharmocrapical. If the ingredients derived from can perform the function without much negative added function, it will likely work.

Whether fish oil helps awareness or not, it’ll certainly help your finger joints among other things.

Even meditation would act as a supplement just from the effects that have been proven alone.

My only Vs Mode practice is when my friends or family come over, so the alcohol is pretty much synonymous with it

There’s a lot of things that can change performance. But I can only talk about things that i tried or studied enought, and even then it will be just my personal experience. Stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, energetics, etc) would make the person too stimulated in the first doses, to the point that people can’t focus on a single thing for too much time. In the next doses, the effects lessens, and people starts to take a bigger and bigger dose (or more frequent doses) to receive the same effect. By the end of the day, they cause dependence and may not really help (as it can make people too agitated if the dosage is messed).

So instead of trying stimulants, i would try to be at my 100%. Cognition ability can go downhill when people don’t sleep, eat or drink water properly. And those scenarios are very commonplace in tourneys, because of jet lag, money/time constraints, poor planing, wanting to use the night for casual matches/hanging out with people (instead of sleep), fear of beeing disqualified if you go out of the hall to use the bathrooms (so people don’t eat food/drink water as they should), etc.

a dive at the sea or ocean during summer would help

Tbh living a healthy lifestyle will probably benefit your gameplay more than eating pizza and junk food and energy drinks. Probably not enough to be a noticeable boost but hey the plus side is you arent eating pizza and junk food and energy drinks

most people are worse when playing drunk

I heard taking that Zimbabwe Heroin is the shit to take for upping your game…just saying…

I know I play better on weed.
I also know taking pennyroyal tea is definitely the way to go for a tournament.
Pennyroyal tea makes your body supercalm , but makes your mind super sharp and alert.
Ginseng is good too. but nothing beats Pennyroyal tea to give you Zenlike shaolin monk reactions.

Still though, Im way way way calmer when drunk and when Im around groups of people it helps get me through. :confused: Oh well.

If any one hasnt seen that documentary Fragged about FPS competitive gaming someone mentions how the houses they keep gaming teams in give players uppers to stay up and practice more. Its a mainly dark look at the “dark side” of E Sports. Dont know how much it is accurate, but I hate FPS games so, eh, glad I never got into those.

then i guess fwiw ive found playing drunk as an offense oriented character seems more successful than a defense oriented character

+1 for playing high. Just not too high.

“Herbal abortive… it doesn’t work, you hippie.” - Kurt Cobain on Pennyroyal Tea…LoL.

yeah, I know full well about Kurt’s usage of Pennyroyal tea.
but since I’ve actually used the stuff, trust me, it does make your body super relaxed while making your mind super alert.
tournys make one jittery unless you’re a pro…and pennyroyal keeps you calm no matter what. problem with herbs or drugs that relax you is that they also slow your reactions down and dull your mind. not pennyroyal though.