Can someone help me?

Uhh…If theres something liek this in the forums sorry for double post…

ok so how do you read those combos?? like…cl mk, cr mk x mk demon flip dive kick

what does it mean??like the cl,cr,mk can someone list it for me??or link me to something that shows what each abbreviation mean?? thanks…

i really need help im kinda new to fighting games.Can someone teach me how to read it?? I really want to know how to do combos and stuff

L, M, H are the sequential strengths of Ps and Ks. “c.XX” or “cr.XX” around here means doing that move crouching. Most people will use the word “close” if they’re talking about a close version of a normal move. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I use “x” to denote canceling into a special move and “xx” for a super.

Sorry bud, parrying supers is going to have to take a raincheck.

thanks so much!! actually i can parry one super…shinkuu-hadouken :slight_smile:

play more, watch more videos n u will be good soon