BRAWL in the STREET - Perryville, MD - 5/22-24/09 - SF4/Brawl/Madden/Halo3/CoD4

Last Updated: 5/18/09

Greetings SF community, please allow me to introduce myself. The name?s Mike A. and I am fairly new to the scene. From NY, but moved to MD/VA to go to school.
Now, on to the tourney info:
This event is being hosted by some friends of mine that are in the Brawl scene and run their own tournies and website,
They are partnering up with an already established tournament organizer BB&G,, who has been running their own tournaments for years, primarily sports games and FPS?s.
First off, let me say that SF4 is not the main game at this event. As much as I?d love for this to be a SF4 only tournament, multiple games will be running at the same time.
(ie. SSBB, Madden ?09, CoD4, and Halo3.)
The organizers brought me as a ?consultant?, and I use that term very loosely, for the SF community because they wanted to toss their hat in the SF4 ring.
I am not running this event, only helping out with brackets and seedings.
I also understand that this event is pretty soon, but they approached me last minute.
What can you do, right?
So without further ado? and BB&G Present…

May 22nd-24th , 2009

Venue Location:
Perryville Factory Outlets
16,000 Square Foot Empty Store
68 Heather Lane, Perryville, MD 21903


  • At LEAST 10 Kiosk Set-Ups For Each Game (might be more)
  • Includes HDTVs, PS3s, and Xbox360s
    I know the community is trying to strictly use PS3s for SF4.
    I am still in talks with the organizers.
  • Crew Battle and Top 8 will be played on a 720p HD Projector
  • Some Matches will be Recorded, Live-Streaming is in the works…

Games/Events: Updated 5/18
The singles tournament will be held on Saturday afternoon and will most likely be done the same day, but since it’s a 3 day event, the organizers are still holding Friday and Sunday open for Crew Battles/Casuals/ Side Tournaments. So if anyone wants to bring any old games and hold side tournaments, just PM and I’ll inform the organizers and see if it’s cool. (Which probably will be)
Seeing that nobody pre-registered for the event (which I don’t really blame anyone for seeing that pre-registering is a huge hassle due to the format of the site) the organizers still want to hold the Winner-Take-All Crew Battle only if people still want to have it on Friday night or Sunday afternoon. We can handle sizes of the crews at the event when we see how many people show.

  • If you are not part of the Crew Battle, but wish to attend to spectate and/or play some casuals the night before the tournament, you are more then welcome to do so.
    In fact, we highly recommend you come and view SF4 at it’s hypest.
    Street Fighter 4
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    Call of Duty 4
    Halo 3
    Madden '09

**Schedule: Updated: 5/18 **
Because I am only helping out with the SF4 brackets, I am only going to post what the itinerary is for SF4
5:00pm - Doors Open
6:00pm - Casuals begin
TBD - Crew Battles
10:00am - Doors Open/Registration Starts
12:00pm/1:00pm - Registration Closes
2:00pm/3:00pm - Tournament Starts
TBD - Crew Battles/Casuals

Hotels/Motels/Holiday Inns: Updated 5/18
It seems that the Ramada Inn located 100 ft away from the venue is open for business. When I called, they informed me that they had 20-some-odd rooms available on Friday night. Saturday night it was reduced drastically to 5 rooms. So if you plan on coming all 3 days, I suggest you book your rooms like, now.
Ramada Inn Website 5/22-524


So that there are no misunderstandings, I?d like to take some time and address that the organizers of the event take a house cut of 34% from the tournament pot.
Although taking out a percentage is standard practice in most tourneys, I informed them that this was not the case for SF4 events.
They replied that in order to run a legitimate business and not raise venue fee, a cut was mandatory. This tournament is basically their "test run."
If all goes well, they would love to do more SF4 events and make them bigger and better as time goes on.
Besides, they?ve been doing this longer then I have, so who am I to say.
I understand that some people will not agree to the house cut, but since this is not my tournament, I can?t do anything more about it.

Registration is $15 at the door and $10 if Pre-Registered (links provided)
Also, if you register for one game and are on the fence for another, don’t worry.
You can still sign up if you change your mind when you get there.
Just make sure you register for one.
$10 Entry Fee Per Game:

How to PRE-REG:
First Click which of the Following Games you want to register for:

Street Fighter 4: - Top 3 - 70%/20%/10%
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Top 5 - 50%/30%/10%/5%/5%
Call of Duty 4: Top 3 Teams - Percentage TBD
Halo 3: Top 3 Teams - Percentage TBD
Madden '09: Top 3 - Percentage TBD

-Next click from the drop down box which event(s) you want to register for.
-You will then be brought to Google Check Out and will be prompted to pre-pay for said event.
-Make sure you print out your GOOGLE CHECK OUT RECEIPT, you will need to show it to us at the door when you arrive at the tourney in order to verify that you pre-payed.
-You do not have to fill out the registration form. I understand that it’s already a hassle to pre-reg, but again, not my tourney, not my rules.
-If you are under 18, please have your parent fill out the parentel consent form.
(This is mostly for the Smash community since the SF scene is filled with grumpy old men. :arazz:)

Tournament Rules/Regulations:
All Games:

  • Please arrive ON TIME.
    I know we as gamers are a procrastinate bunch, but we need to start setting a standard if EVO is talking about running for 24 hrs or running pools at 5AM.
    If you are late, I can not guarantee you a spot in whatever tourney you are late for.
    Of course, there will SOME leniency, all things considered.
  • Whether you are in a tourney or not, if you are in the venue, you must pay the venue fee.
  • Trash talking is allowed, and is ENCOURAGED! We love the hype! However, do not physically distract the players.
    (ie. throwing anything at the competitors; getting in between competitors and the screen, etc…)
  • Destruction or thievery of anyone’s property at the venue will not be tolerated.
  • No drugs or alcohol at this event.
  • If you fail to comply with any of these rules, you will be KICKED OUT WITHOUT A REFUND

Street Fighter 4:

  • Double Elimination
  • Rounds are best 2/3
  • Standard Matches are best 2/3 Games
  • Winners/Losers/Grand Finals are best 3/5 games
  • Winner keeps same character
  • Pausing the game will get you a GAME LOSS
  • Programmable pads are BANNED
  • Game Freezing glitches are BANNED
  • Game Resetting glitches are BANNED
  • Seth and Gouken are NOT BANNED

Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Madden '09
To be honest, I’m not sure how many people in the SF community play these other games.
I am also not terribly concerned about said games because I am not running them.
But they are filled with an absurd amount of rules and regulations that I would rather not clog this already tremendously long post with.
If you are interested in any of these games, please click here for the SSBB, CoD4, Halo3, and Madden '09 rules.

Hope to see everyone there!

im down for SF4

This scrub Viper will enter for SFIV. :lol:

More hype for sf4!

From Morristown, NJ to Perryville, MD! The SF4 madness never ends…


Hello My name is Matthew Lofton, my gamer tag is Apostle, I am the co creator of VG Boot Camp, I will be running the street fighter tourney and Brawl tourney with MVA and my brother. We are trying to get locals and newcomers to come to this. We see and want big things for street fighter 4 tournaments in the future but this will be our debut for sf4 so we invite constructive criticism on how we can run bigger and better tournaments in the future. Thanks for the support and hype!

I respect that, ill be there

Me Sagat, Diddy, Gannon and Snake will be there… I’m ready to crack some skulls…

I’m game for some of that good ole’ SF4

ShinobiBrown viper vs viper MM $20 u down? =)

Done deal.

MILF on MILF action :tup:

:lol:…now I need to get my new arcade stick ASAP :confused:

Free money! I love it!

Oh ho, lulz. The only thing that’s going to be “free” for you is the open space in your wallet after our match is over.

I’ll be treating myself to some grub afterward. :wgrin:

Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance due to a prior scheduling of a gathering on that Saturday.

Besides, I thought the BB&G tournaments were $30 entry fee? Maybe this time it’s different…

Sounds kinda cool actually. I’ll think about it. I’m loving SFIV. Tournaments every weekend. I’m gonna get good quick. Or even better stay sucky for a really long time.

Damn, right next to my hometown, but I’m on a plane on the 23rd.

5 votes to all 0 in 10% entree fee, I like the way people think.

I’ll read the wall of text when I have time ^^

The enthusiasm in this thread is too much =D

This looks hyped up, its gonna be HUGE


Bumping this cuz SFIV is so huge that tournaments in the same month get knocked to the 2nd page quick. Your tournament basically won’t get noticed as long as it’s on the 2nd page.