Brandon/Tampa - Play-N-Trade - SFIV Tournament - 02/13/10: Results

Good tournament for being slapped together at the last minute. Good games gentlemen and lady. :rock:

All character used notation is from what I remember.

Street Fighter 4 Sinlges
1: Jebailey (BA)
2: Harold Ellis (RU)
3: Peter (SA)
4: Prince (AK)
5: Carey B (HO)
5: Torrin Fields (SA)
7: Jon W (BI)
7: Will Ruiz (BA/RY)
9: Marc Sosa (BL)
9: Sean Belveal (BL)
9: Brian Black (EL/RU)
9: The Sherrif (RY)
13: Lord Beauchamp
13: Alex Costa (SE/AB)
13: Eric Owen (RO/RY)
13: Richard Kovacs (BL)
17: Ian Shotton (BI)
17: Christopher Jayson (RY/SA)
17: level1online
17: Shin Rodimus

Street Fighter 4 Teams
1: No Need To Block (Peter** SA**, Prince AK)
2: Curbstomp (Alex C.** AB**, Harold** RU**)
3: Jebailed (Ian** BI**, Alex J.** BA**)
4: PCP (Marc** BL**, Jon** BI**)
5: Mother Mexico!!! (Sara ZA, Brian** EL**)
5: LC (Lord ??, Chirs** RY**)
7: Vitamin B (Sean** VE**, Richard** BL**)
7: Beard and Stache (Carey HO, John** RY**)

Jebailey Gauntlet
Tampa Finest vs Jebailey’s Ego

Sheriff** RY** vs Ryu
Prince AK vs Sagat
Peter SA vs Balrog
Sheriff** RY** Balrog
Prince AK vs Balrog

Eternal Rival Romance: Sara v Terril 2 - The Conclusion
Sara (ZA) vs Terril (AK)

You forgot the Sara/Terril Exhibition Match:

Sara (ZA) vs Terril (AK)

Sara promptly retires after defending her title as one of the biggest WTF moments in the short history of our SF scene.

Good games to everyone, though. I have to say, the hype over that snuggy was WAY more than I expected out of a room full of guys in their 20s.

what an awesome day, i love you guys (no homo). it was worth comming out, even when i felt like shit. BISONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN SON

I was wearing the legendary orange hat, and played bison (Jon). hopefully see you guys up in Orlando next week.

I told Shinrodimus, “We’re gonna have to battle for last place.”

Damn I wish I would of went. My Akuma would of been up there. Well hopefully next time I’ll make it to the tourney?

Great games to everyone. Still have a long way to go. Next tourney I’m bringing a flask of JD!

Really good games to everyone, was hoping for more casuals but I’m sure I’ll see most of you next Sat in Orlando.

Jebailey first match is always fun, and I’ve always wanted to play Prince because I knew I would get demolished, which I did. Very good play by both, I almost felt like I was being toyed with. Akuma is so nasty, especially one that can loop infinite, so glad to see it offline.

I wanted to say good games to Lord, Alex, and Harold. Although we haven’t been properly introduced, it was a pleasure playing you guys and I can’t wait for the next time. I felt like I got kinda lucky last time we played, Harold. I knew you had it this time, though, that’s why I’d love some casuals. I’ll try to stop by on Tuesdays, or if anyone has XBL, please add me, the lag shouldn’t be too bad in the same state, otherwise I just sit in training mode when I’m on.

Alex, I just had to laugh from something along the lines of “Blanka has combos!?” I was way too nervous to have attempted a super instead of FADC from my usual BnB, but throwing balls into Abel is just asking to lose, the match-up in general is just tough, but that’s Blanka against everybody. And Lord, great name. You had a solid Ryu, but when you said Blanka was a tough match-up, it made me want to play you a few more times so you can see his full bag of tricks, and then never lose to another one, lol. They say the match-up is 5/5, even Daigo says it’s one of his hardest match-ups, but don’t throw fireballs all round and I already lost, pretty much. The ambiguous cross-up ultra is just about the only thing to watch out for, and even then not really, a properly timed EX DP can escape, or cause you to auto-correct right ontop of me, another ambiguous set-up, lol.

I’m really glad I could sit down with BPR and Stan and just hear them talk about the random crap that happens behind the scene. I can’t stop laughing when he talks, I have no idea how anyone can play when he’s behind you. The J Wong story was something out of this world, lmao.

Alright, I’m done, no more writing after a wake n bake.

That’s the only way to play. Gotta sneak out back and hit on that PCP, YA’NAWMEAN DAWG? I’m assuming you were the Honda that wanted to play me, sorry I’m horrible with names, but goddamn I hate the match-up, haha. Near the end of the day I was just so sick and burnt out I was playing mind games with myself. If you show up to Orlando I’d love to get more games in. I’d really like to go to Brandon on Tuesdays, I can usually get the day off, but it’s quite a drive for my crap car, and not many other people are off that day to carpool.

Yea that was me the only Honda player around as per sf4 rules. Keep your hands and arms inside the moving veichle and maintain the 6 Sagat: 1 Honda ratio at all times. Thank you for visiting Busch Gardens.
You have a mean Blanka man, and in super hes looking mighty fierce. If you could somehow make it out on Tuesdays we normaly have a great turnout and good time.

Thanks guys for another fun Tampa Tournament.

What a crazy finals though to get a double KO , that has never happened to me before. Thanks for the Snuggie which I washed right as I got home, who knows what you guys really did with that thing before the tourney.

Great games with everyone. See you all next Saturday at my place.

John, Sorry I had to beat the Moustache off of your face :).

PS I’m helping Jason label and post the videos on his Level1online account on youtube. Should have those up for everyone by the morning and I’ll post links here.

Big thanks to Jason recording the matches for everyone and you for helping him label them. Can’t wait to watch the drama unfold as Double KO flashes and everyone freezes yelling for Brian lol.

That would be this Video right here. Part 2 of 4 from the Grand Finals


Rest coming up in the morning.

I was like WTF I’m playing HDR can’t it wait?

All the Videos from Saturday Are Labeled and Public

fun time…i gotta start playing more :frowning: