"Bolão da Copa" The 2014 FIFA World Cup Prediction Game and Discussion thread! Phase 1!

Group B:

Spain 1 - Netherlands 2 (Netherlands getting the revenge kill)
Chile 3 - Australia 0 (Chile dominating this game)
Australia 0 - Netherlands 5 (Same as Chile, domination)
Spain 0 - Chile 2 (Chile always had Spain on the ropes, it’s not like Brazil that Chile can’t beat Brazil, Spain always found a way to save themselves, now it’s time for Chile to shine.)
Australia 0 - Spain 3 (Domination)
Netherlands 0 - Chile 0 (Their styles are almost the same, I predict a very close game and a draw.)

1st. Netherlands 7 - Goals +6
2nd. Chile 7 - Goals +5
3rd. Spain 3
4th. Australia 0

I think your giving them far to much respect, imo
If they had done well at the last euros aka the 2012 the most recent tournament, i would be inclined to agree with you because you could be seeing the progression of a good team but they were terrible, in fact after poland and ireland they were the worst team in the tourney

Yeah they might turn it around, but i dunno, the dutch are legends at shooting themselves in the foot at big tourneys, id put the last world cup down as a freak of nature thing rather than the norm

as for this world cup i cannot see past brazil or spain

Not going to participate in the picks, but I am following the games.
Pulling for the US as its the only team I really have any claim to, but our men’s national team isn’t on the same level as the top tier teams. #whensWomensWorldCup

Back in 2012 or early 2013 when it was announced that Brazil is hosting the 2016 Olympics, I said to myself and to other people, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have no worries at all because Brazil will be having a nonstop party from about 2013 until 2016 because of the World Cup and the Summer Olympics!”

I love watching World Cup, but I truly know nothing about the teams. I mostly like watching the fine S. American tittys in the stands. :tup:

World Cup Football, The real Superbowl of Football is starting in 13 hours!!!

here we go
let’s all have some fun watching
and may the best team (brazil) win

i’ll be watching it at a brazilian bar in DC with a bunch of friends :smiley:

i need brazil to lose so my town doesnt do a stupid parade during every win.

Croatia have good form, fucking odds on draw are 4/1 … paddypower is also offering this…

so tenner on draw and fiver on Neymar to score first? 3/1???

Gambling spirit starting to rise here goes the marriage, these bets dont stay at chump change for long :tdown:

I want to see my team (France) do well. They have the ability but they are so inconsistent. Well as long as its not an embarrassment like the last world cup where they didnt even play their thrid pool game. Or two cups before that were they went from champions to scrubs and couldnt get out of an easy pool. They seem much stronger as individuals and as a team this time around. I hope they cam do well. I cant see them winning so many strong teams, brazil, germany, spain, argentina(not too sure about them) would be my top 4 swap argentina for either portugal or italy. Spains team is so stacked they play together all year long in some of the beat clubs its no wonder they are so good.

I know it’s day-of, but matches haven’t started yet. Hopefully I got this in in time. Here are my crazy picks!

[details=Spoiler]Group A
Brazil 3 - Croatia 1
Mexico 2 - Cameroon 0
Brazil 3 - Mexico 3
Cameroon 2 - Croatia 1
Cameroon 1 - Brazil 4
Croatia 2 - Mexico 3

1st Place: Brazil
2nd Place: Mexico
3rd Place: Cameroon
4th Place: Croatia

Group B
Spain 2 - Netherlands 1
Chile 2 - Australia 1
Australia 0 - Netherlands 3
Spain 3 - Chile 2
Australia 1 - Spain 4
Netherlands 2 - Chile 1

1st Place: Spain
2nd Place: Netherlands
3rd Place: Chile
4th Place: Australia

Group C
Colombia 3 - Greece 1
Ivory Coast 2 - Japan 1
Colombia 1 - Ivory Coast 3
Japan 2 - Greece 2
Japan 1 - Colombia 3
Greece 2 - Ivory Coast 3

1st Place: Ivory Coast
2nd Place: Colombia
3rd Place:Greece
4th Place: Japan

Group D
Uruguay 2 - Costa Rica 1
England 2 - Italy 3
Uruguay 0 - England 2
Italy 2 - Costa Rica 1
Italy 3 - Uruguay 1
Costa Rica 1 - England 2

1st Place: Italy
2nd Place: England
3rd Place: Uruguay
4th Place: Costa Rica

Group E
Switzerland 2 - Ecuador 3
France 3 - Honduras 1
Switzerland 2 - France 3
Honduras 0 - Ecuador 2
Honduras 1 - Switzerland 3
Ecuador 2 - France 1

1st Place: Ecuador
2nd Place: France
3rd Place: Switzerland
4th Place: Honduras

Group F
Argentina 3 - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Iran 1 - Nigeria 3
Argentina 4 - Iran 1
Nigeria 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina 0
Nigeria 1 - Argentina 2
Iran 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina 1

1st Place: Argentina
2nd Place: Nigeria
3rd Place: Iran
4th Place: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group G
Germany 2 - Portugal 1
Ghana 1 - United States 2
Germany 1 - Ghana 0
United States 2 - Portugal 2
United States 3 - Germany 2
Portugal 3 - Ghana 1

1st Place: United States
2nd Place: Germany
3rd Place: Portugal
4th Place: Ghana

Group H
Belgium 1 - Algeria 2
Russia 0 - South Korea 2
Belgium 1 - Russia 3
South Korea 3 - Algeria 1
South Korea 3 - Belgium 2
Algeria 2 - Russia 3

1st Place: South Korea
2nd Place: Russia
3rd Place: Algeria
4th Place: Belgium[/details]

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I remember back in the 90s when France was such a beastly team. What happened to them? I don’t want to believe Zidane was carrying the team on his back…

well zidane was a HUGE backpack, hes a master play maker. The issue from what i was able to see was their playstyle. Slow lazy. It took them forever to get to the net and shoot. Their strikers were not the best in the world so it was costing them in the fact that it was one opportunity every 25mins and they would shoot too high or wide. Then they were just not god as a squad no love for one an other lots of hate and lack of confidence were issues. They are much more solid now but i dont know if they have enough to take on the likes of spain brazil or even argentina( i personally dont know if they are really that good outside of the beast that is messi.) im also worried since they lost ribery whom when he was playing with zidane i always saw him as a better player, everytime he touched the ball he makes a golden play or puts the opponent in a bad situation that and he runs really fast and is an ugly mofo lol.

Im also interested in columbia, i hear they have a decent squad and one of the best columbian squads in a long time.

: in other news Naymar for greatest hair in fifa? That dude looks like he belongs in anime like he could go super saiyan when ever needed.

annndd brasil won…and these fuckers had a parade and made me miss going to the barber today.

Zidane was to france to what dabor suker was to croatia, both teams are going to fail miserably oncen again, france don’t even have rivery lol.

Brazil won :smiley:
Now, tomorrow we should have some interesting matches

well then netherlands
was that the biggest rape ever or what?