Bison vs Abels change of direction

Hi. My Bison’s been fighting some abels recently, and his “change of direction” was giving me problems, so i started looking for possible ways to stuff it in training. As I understand it, the last hit of abels sequence hits high or low. I’ve found I can stuff the low with crouching lk, but other than blocking I haven’t found anything that will knock him out of the high sequence. The move looks slow enough to counter, but is it? Am I missing something that Bison could use to punish this move, or do I just have to block? Thanks in advance for your help.

afaik you can’t get out of the 3rd hit, it’s kind of like a throw. Many characters can counter the first hit (the overhead swing punch). Anything like dragon punch or flash kick can break it. I don’t know if bison has anything that would let you get out. I would try ex stomp and teleport though.

I would try EX Crusher to punish the first hit on block.

If the Abel Player commits to the second hit of CoD after you block the first, you can just ultra him before the second one lands. If you don’t have Ultra you could punish it in a variety of ways, including throw. It’s very punishable.

Be careful though, because if he stops at the first one and you try to counter with ultra/ex crusher/ex scissors, he’ll just block and punish.

why exactly are you looking to stuff it? If he commits to the 3rd move, block and punish, you can see from the animation whether he’s going high or low. The recovery for him after block is a bigger window than trying to cram a l.p while he is in mid combo

back dash is your safest option or teleport I think

It’s not a throw. You either block it low or mid, depending on which one they choose.

Copied and pasted from the Matchup Thread in the Bison forums (thanks to andyocr) -

Block the first hit

Use EX Scissors if you are sure he is going to do the second hit. If not, use EX Psycho Crusher.

Also, the 1st hit is a neutral attack, the 2nd and 3 hits can alternate between high and low. The low attacks are slower and don’t combo.