Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

It mentions hitboxes in the article? I think the act of splitting it like that is pretty innovative.

Bigger QDS - less train on the arms and wrists to remove. That’s also a disability adaptation, most likely.

Yes. Twice actually. Did you not read the article?

Nevermind. Question answered. You didn’t.

No I meant, why are you saying that, it mentions hitboxes in the article?

Speaking as someone with a hand/eye disability who’s modded sticks, the oversized QDs are probably so he can find an easier purchase on them and do repairs at tourneys without tools - if it’s hard for us it’s hell for someone with ergonomic injury. Pretty ingenious little adaption.

And also speaking as someone who mods with disability, I don’t think the point is “this guy invented stickless”, it’s “even if you’re fucked up maybe you can still compete!” which is very good and interesting and cool, definately a frontier SRK Tech Talk could benefit from exploring :slight_smile:

I wanna find some of those pink disconnects and see if they’ll work for my next project (especially since I’m looking to use OBSF-RGs and the switch is the most expensive part).

Maybe, but they are also prone to falling off as well, as the wrong size QD can be a little loose.

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A huge win for everyone here


A definite win, but probably less meaningful for the people here, mainly because we disregard those anyways. :smiley:

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I take it as the law on our side.
Also this can lead to the Right to Repair efforts people are pushing for that can only benefit us too.

Interesting…I never realized those stickers said “Warranty void if removed.”

I guess I was just too busy peeling them off to care :smirk:


It means if you would crack open your Microsoft Xbox One to see whats wrong with it and can’t fix it, you can still claim the warranty on the product

I know… it was a joke :smirk:

Well, doesn’t that hit Apple in the “If you don’t fix your iPhone through us, our OS can detect it and render it inoperable” department?

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Yep Apple is one if the companies officially on notice by the FTC.

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Posting to tempt fate.
Time for Season 6: The H.O.L.E. Still Burns?

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