Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Its good to see your avatars and comments once again.

Missed you all



Passed my practicum to become a full-time contractor yesterday, now I gotta get moved here and find the local scene (if they didn’t move online like everyone in my scene has already) and start playing again. I also found the issue with my PC, and I’m sending my graphics card to EVGA tomorrow to get it fixed.

Did they seriously force me to have an underscore in my name?

Fucking weak.


We’re back! Gonna take some getting used to, for sure. I’ll futz around some more later this evening


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Yeah I only need to offer some virgin blood to my Mc Cthlhu to get logged back in.

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Yes, working again! Hi everyone.

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I hate that the new Dark theme is buried in the preferences. Also of note, I’m heading to Dallas-Fort Worth tomorrow for the first time since I stopped driving full time a couple months ago with wifey, and we’re visiting the SCG Open that’s in town. Dependent on how much is spent tomorrow, I may be placing a entry into the Grand Prix coming up in May.

Mega image threads are a total blow up :joy:

Whooo. Finally back.
Definitely looks and feels different; but eh, been through weirder migrations with other forums before.


not a fan of the infinite scroll, hopefully its gets better with use.


I agree. I much prefer a paging system; don’t like pages that load/refresh the bottom as you get there.


I got use to it. The only thing I was having trouble with was getting to most recent posts but it figured it out with the touching on the post number and touching the bottom of the scroll bar.

Finally able to log back in!!!


Checked it out guys, Animated Avatars are back


Infinite scroll is definitely going to take some getting used to. But hey, the boards haven’t gone away, so there’s that.

Yeah! Pre-ordered.

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Omg! My dream has come true! Do you have to put money down?

Nevermind I figured out you do. Thank God I get paid tomorrow lol.

Cool. Now all I need is a Saturn adapter and I’m all set!

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Reposting this from Face Book,
Anyone who has a Brook PS3 to PS4 adapter and a Zero delay board, could you test these together and post results?