Best connector for project stick?

Digikey says, “give it up man.”

I’m only using the same terminology as used by parts suppliers in the UK, so DB15. But I prefer just calling them 15pin D-subs.

I got sitting right in front of me a switchcraft HD15 passthough, great for VGA cables and stick moding
I got a DB 9 version installed in my Hrap SNES stick.

While out doing some last minute gift shopping i stopped by a local hardware store and found a pack of 10 DB25 female connectors for about a buck (at least i assume it was because the females weren’t labeled on their hook like the males that were like 91 cents).

picked up a few extra odds and ends for it as well. needed a crimping tool for them so i picked one of those up, though im curious about the overall quality of it, it seems to do fine (the pins might just be so small that things aren’t closing up like larger ones).

also picked up some terminal blocks which i’ll be using and some screwlock standoffs. Now i just need some decent wire for using in the connector. is there any particular gauge wire that’s good for dsub connectors? i think the wire i tested on was the same size that focusattack ships for their pre-made connectors. i think its 22awg? seemed to do fine, might be worth using 24 for a slightly better fit and ease of using an insert/remove tool. what does everyone else use?

10 for a buck holy crap. what hardware store? Sounds like you are sayin they are the crimp versions though, I like the solder versions better.

yeah, crimp version. also i pulled out the receipt, they must’ve been mislabeled or were labeled for individual price or something. the bag of 10 was ~$6. still not bad imo.

I know this’ll be a little bit off-topic, but I just cut apart a VGA HD15 cable hoping to find 15 wires inside… instead, I find 6 (I think) individually shielded wires.

Alot of the El-chepo VGA cables are like that. The Cheap VGA cables daisy chain their ground lines instead of doing a separate ground (or return) for each signal.
Your 6 wires are R, B, G, V Sync, H Sync and Ground.

VGA connector pinout


Pin #9 is only used to get a VCC of +5 volts from the graphics adapter, which is rarely supported.

The pins should specify what size wire they can use, but 22 or 24 AWG is a pretty safe bet. If you really have to choose I’d go by what’s on the other end of the wire–smaller wire if it’s getting soldered somewhere, larger if it’s going to a beefier pin. But there’s not all that much difference between the two. The real problem is if you have wire with extra-beefy insulation.
Pin poppers are always a bit hit or miss, but again as long as the insulation isn’t bigger than the actual pin you should be ok. (Just a matter of trying to jam it in right at that point.)

Cheaper still is when someone uses a plain-old 15-pin cable that doesn’t have the right impedance on the RGB lines.

I got a cross section of a OLD SCHOOL VGA cable from a old 1990’s CRT monitor that gave up the ghost long ago

6 smaller wires appear to be 24 to 26 gauge. the Thicker RGB lines are Coaxal.

That is a total of 12 wires used.