Best Buy charging for PS3 firmware

Best Buy charging $30 for PS3 Firmware updates- Destructoid
SMH…wow just wow.

Used to work there. Geek squad is the biggest pile of taking advantage of stupid people. Used to hate trying to sell those packages; always felt like I just ripped somebody off when I suckered someone into buying it. Bleh.

They’ve been charging 50$ for installation fees for years. Apparently, plugging a power cord into the wall followed by Red -> Red, Yellow -> yellow, white -> white is way too fucking hard for people to do.

Roflmao, Best Buy can suck it.

I took a two hour bus ride to turn the TV on for my grandmother…
[spoiler=]… pressing the power button should come with a $500 fee.[/spoiler]

People stay getting hustled. Damn.

first time in months i click a d-toid link and i get a malware warning. fuck that site.

Best Buy’s CEO is a genius.

If you were in the position to take advantage of stupid people and get paid mad bank for doing so, you’re telling me you wouldn’t do it? Shiieeet.

That is old ass news, very old.
Soccer moms will be the only people that fall for that.
When PS3 had the shortages last year, Bestbuy had the firmware models for sale and sadly some people didn’t have a choice but to buy it or wait.

I got one too.

You can technically ask them to remove it. They can’t force you to sell it like that but unfortunately customers don’t know that. The more you know!

Everything I don’t know how to do… Google ftw.

This. If you’re going to buy expensive (well for me at least) shit then you better do some research or be prepared to shell out that extra paypa.

*There’s a sucker born every minute, and we’re gonna take 'em for all they got! *

Friend of mine worked at Best Buy. Sold installation packages and warranties on PS2’s. Nice guy so he felt really bad doing it.

There should always be a stupidity fee though. A lady at a coffee shop couldn’t open her laptop once and needed my help. Not turning the thing on or opening a program, I mean separating the screen from the keyboard.

She was trying to open it from the wrong side. I should have charged her for that.

Buyer beware.

I saw this on the news today…damn! :stuck_out_tongue: