Battle For Bus Fare @ Lovegety Results (05/10/2008)

Solid turnout though we were missing a lot of heavy hitter regulars

1st - JBeezie (Yun)
2nd - AneurysmX (Dudley)
3rd - RX50cent (Urien)
4th - Don (Yun)
5th - Patrick (Oro)
5th - Jabir (Yun)
7th - AdamB (Ken)
7th - King (Chun)
9th - Gaijinblaze (Dudley/Urien)
9th - Yang (Ken/Chun)
9th - MythicExile (Ken)
9th - CB (Yun)
13th - Bill307 (Makoto/Ken)
13th - Ronald (Urien)
13th - G3nn (Ken)
13th - Wing (Ken)
17th - Ben (Ibuki)
17th - Dice01 (Dudley/Yun)
17th - Matthew (Ken or Chun?)
17th - DropTheSky (Yang)
17th - Daniel (Akuma)
17th - Contra (Makoto)
17th - Ilavos (Ken)
17th - DarkDragon (Chun/Ken)
25th - Poke Guy (Yang)

1st - ZeroFalcon (Anji, Millia)
2nd - DarkDragon (Jam, Baiken, Faust)
3rd - K2 (May, Bridget, Potemkin)
4th - Dice (Faust, Sol)
5th - Justin (Chipp, Eddie)
5th - C&C (May)
7th - Almighty ME (HOS)
7th - Tim (Testament)
9th - Sidney (Slayer)
9th - GaijinBlaze (Slayer)
9th - Dawnbringer (Anji, Zappa)
9th - Jabir (Eddie)
13th - AlterGenesis (Aba, Dizzy)
13th - Cheatah (Aba)
13th - nGuman (Sol)

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (14 Entrants)
1st - Gerjay (Santhrax/Rowtron)
2nd - Shaun (Scrub/MSS)
3rd - G3nn (Rowtron)
4th - Spiral Guy (MSS)
5th - OMGstorm (VegitaX)
5th - DaflipmastaXV (Santhrax)
7th - Contra (Santhrax)
7th - Green (???)
9th - MythicExile (MSP)
9th - Matthew (Mag/Cable/Psy)
9th - Sky (???)
9th - DM (Scrubclops)
13th - CB (Mag/Cable/Doom)
13th - Sealhunta (MSS)

1st - YellowS4 (V Zangief)
2nd - CB (V Akuma/V Sakura)
3rd - RPGv2 (X Rolento)
4th - Noodleman (V Zangief)
5th - Nagata Lock II (V Ryu/A Chun Li)
5th - Psychochronic (V MIka/V Karin)
7th - Dogberry (V Akuma)
7th - Yasanagi (A Akuma/A Blanka/A Chun Li)
9th - MythicExile (???)
9th - Dice01 (A Chun Li/A Sagat)
9th - WB! (A Gen)
9th - JED07 (A Akuma)
13th - K2 (A Guy)
13th - X-Sapphire (V Ryu)

1st - WB! (Chun Li)
2nd - Psychochronic (Bison/Chun Li)
3rd - RPGv2 (Zangief)
4th - Dogberry (Ryu/Guile/Dee Jay)
5th - Nagata Lock II (Vega)
5th - Fareed (Vega)
7th - Noodleman (Zangief)
7th - CB (Ryu)
9th - YellowS4 (Zangief)
9th - Dice01 (???)
9th - Phastestpig (???)
9th - JED07 (Guile)
13th - Contra (Zangief)
13th - Veggiebob (???)

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (11 Entrants)
1st - Poke Guy (K Terry/Hibiki/Blanka)
2nd - CB (A Vega/Sakura/Blanka)
3rd - Noodleman (A Vega/Blanka/Bison)
4th - RPGv2 (A Rock/Bison/Rolento)
5th - Nagata Lock II (C Vega/Guile/Kim)
5th - Gerjay (A Honda/Bison/Blanka)
7th - WB! (C Rock/Chun Li/Sagat)
7th - Wilson (???)
9th - Cyrus (???)
9th - Veggiebob (???)
9th - Chr0nic (???)

KOF98UM and Tekken 6 didn’t get off the ground due to a lack of director.

Thanks to Kevin, Brett, King, Mo, Nazir, Teddy and Jason for handling director duties. Thanks to Howard for hooking me up with brackets as my printer died. Thanks to Pui for brokering the deal with the manager to get free games all day on the 400 in 1.

Fixed the bolded.

Fun times today.

Guilty Gear Accent Core (15 entrants)

  1. ZeroFalcon (Anji, Millia)
  2. DarkDragon (Jam, Baiken, Faust)
  3. K2 (May, Bridget, Potemkin)
  4. Dice (Faust, Sol)
  5. Justin (Chipp, Eddie)
  6. C&C (May)
  7. Almighty ME (HOS)
  8. Tim (Testament)
  9. Sidney (Slayer)
  10. GaijinBlaze (Slayer)
  11. Dawnbringer (Anji, Zappa)
  12. Jabir (Eddie)
  13. AlterGenesis (Aba, Dizzy)
  14. Cheatah (Aba)
  15. nGuman (Sol)

Good show.

i’m still angry (at myself) for blowing my cc vs cb to make winners finals go to the 5th match.

gg’s to everyone…wish i had the time to play more outside of tournies haha.

i still can’t believe i randomly came 4th in A3 lol

Accent Core Grand Finals
pui vs. dark dragon

Loser bracket semi-finals
ralph vs. K2

Winner bracket semi finals
ralph vs. dark dragon

Had lots of fun, nice to see everyone again, my yang is not ready clearly I should have used Urien

Well, my experience in Alpha 3 wasn’t so bad. Now all I gotta do is learn how to spam V-Ism like everyone else…

ST Full results:

1st WB
2nd Psychochronic
3rd RPGV2
4th Dogberry
5th Nagata, Fareed
7th Noodleman, CB
9th Dice, YellowS4, JED, PhastestPig
13th Contra, Veggiebob

Just to quote myself from the Tournament thread regarding 98 and Tekken 6.


someone needs to teach me how to play through other mediums for an extended period but still be able to execute in an arcade tournament, because apparently i have no idea how that’s done. thanks to king for helping me run 3S (next time i’m wearing gloves so nobody can hand me the bracket), sorry i had to bail before it was over, had a brutal headache anyway. nice seeing everyone again. to those that played whom i don’t normally see, thanks for joining. thanks to nazir for running guilty gear. here are the characters in 3S to the best of my recollection.

edit - oops updated patrick’s characters

Justin, I didn’t use V-Akuma at all. I rotated between A-Akuma, Blanka and Chun.

It was great seeing Dave & Myles. Dave is a fucking monster in every game. Made me look so dumb in CvS2. It was fun playing Myles in Marvel. It’s one of those games I never touch unless I’m at a tourney and need to burn some time. KBBQ was jokes. Dave is the king of getting fob waiter’s attention.


The shit talk video (so many people got shit on, don’t take it personally when I post it)

“You know Randy Lew? I trained that guy.” “REALLY?!” “No… but I whooped his ass.”

Somehow Nathan hasn’t lost a step despite being completely out of action for six months.

“Everyone in the top 5 is so washed up.”

The Subway lady owning up the guys after they bought their subs.

“Yeah you keep shaking your head. That’ll change how the match is going.”

The KOF98 fobs blew my mind with their random ass shit. How do they learn this shit so fast?

“Gerjay; give me $2 for Alpha 3.” “No…” “Fine, fuck you and give me $5 for gas.”

Teddy pays Jimmy $5 to eat 3 pieces of chicken that were basically just char. Then we find out that Jimmy has LICKED THE INSIDE OF A BOWLING BALL for money and the chicken bet doesn’t have nearly the impact it once had.

I’m so not conditioned for tournies anymore. ECC is going to be fun and really painful.

The KOF98 fobs I had a casual with them… <_< Not exactly pretty.
I had fun with GGAC wasn’t so used to the joystick felt a little stiff for me but ay, I’ll work on my uppercuts.

GG’s to everyone in ST. More people should play it.

Justin; I also used V-Karin in A3.
Anyone other A3 people notice the stages lag? :confused:
I couldn’t CC correctly in some matches.

ggs to everybody i played, jumping Kick is too good

I cant believe nazir actually put himself as Almighty ME even on the results lol

Lots of faces i dont see during casuals doing well, but lots of faces i didnt see that i usually see during casuals, NAMELY JOHN, and a few others =(

Great tourney

Jason had pointed that out a few weeks back when we were last at Getty. As far as I could tell there was only lag on Mika and Zangief’s stages. Considering the amoutn of Gief play though it didn’t surprise me that there was apparent constant lag. I don’t think it was the fault of the cabinet.

Speaking of the 400 in 1. It would have been nice if the people that committed to playing the side tournaments actually showed up (or if they did show up actually play). Because we didn’t get 20 unique players between ST and A3, I had to pay the remainder of the $60 fee out of my own pocket. With 14 players for ST, that means I shelled out $18 to make sure the 400 in 1 was switched over. I wanted to enter Marvel and 3S but that basically went down the tubes with the extra money burned. It’s not a big deal, just would be nice if people stuck to what they said. If the numbers didn’t add up in the pre-reg, we probably could have re-negotiated a better deal.

I cant believe G3nn decided to not win marvel.

He’s a father so hes a lot less ruthless than he used to be

What the fuck in re: to 400 in 1.

$60 dollars outta your own pocket? Ouch!

How many people didn’t show up? 11 people?